World News – GB – Mickey Hart requested an extension of his tenure as Tyrone’s manager refused – reports


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Mickey Hart’s future as Tyrone’s senior football manager is in doubt tonight amid speculation that his reign is about to end

Having assumed responsibility before the 2003 season, Hart is currently the longest-serving coach in inter-district football

During his 18 years in office, he led Tyrone to winning three championships across Ireland, six Ulster championships, and one national league title

However, according to reports from Ulster Herald and the BBC, Hart received a request to extend his term as director by one year which was rejected by the County Council

The 68-year-old got a fresh three-year term before the 2018 season, but that ended when Tyrone was defeated by Donegal in the County Quarter-finals earlier this month

Former Kerry defender Mark OC recently said on the weekly podcast The42 GAA, « You’re talking about a guy who did everything for Tyrone and what he has achieved is exceptional. »

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After suffering a six-point defeat to Dublin in the 2018 All-Ireland Championship Final, Tyrone lead three points ahead of Kerry in the semi-final last year.

This year’s Championship Challenge fell into the first hurdle, with Donegal knocking out 1-13 versus 1-11 winners 10 days earlier in Ballipove

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World News – GB – Mickey Hart’s request to extend his term as Tyrone’s manager has been rejected Reports