World News – GB – Liverpool FC fan dies aged 26, leaving one-year-old son


A young father who « saw the good in everyone » passed away at just 26, leaving behind a one year old son with a « hole that will never be filled »

Josh Willoughby, who was a huge Liverpool FC fan, died in his sleep on September 13 after suffering from an epileptic fit

In a moving tribute, Josh’s father Mark said he was grateful that he was able to see his beloved side win the Premier League before he died

Josh, born August 11, 1994, lived with partner Savannah Blaise Stevenson and one-year-old son Keziah Blue Willoughby at their home in Cleethorpes, reports Grimsby Live

He worked as a support worker at East Coast Lodge in Humberston, a job his partner said he loved because he always wanted to help others

But he was spending most of his free time with his family and getting ready to celebrate his son Keziah’s second birthday next month

Savannah said: « It doesn’t even feel real it’s like I’m stuck in a nightmare I have no words to describe how I’m feeling it’s just heartbreaking


« Josh has had epilepsy for a long time He was diagnosed at the age of 13 He had meds but they still weren’t controlled, and he had a seizure in his sleep

« His epilepsy was severe but it had become less common, only two or three times a year. He always suffered from grand mal seizures, which are incredibly severe where your whole body trembles and you pass out

« Your body is not getting oxygen and that makes it really dangerous This is a very rare type of seizure and only happens to one in 1000 people

« We didn’t know it, it was nighttime and we thought he was just asleep in bed It was the first seizure he had in his sleep that we know of

« We called the paramedics after I found him unresponsive, but there was nothing they could do for him. All they could do was just make him comfortable »

« Josh was a really nice person. He was always positive and wanted to help everyone

« He knew he was in danger from his illness, but he never dwelled on it and lived his life to the fullest »

Josh was a much-loved friend and tributes poured in for the young Liverpool FC fan

Josh’s dad, Mark Willoughby said: « Josh had a wide range of friends There were friends I didn’t even know who texted me or called me to introduce their condolences

« He didn’t have bad bones in his body. He was a very funny and caring man, he saw good in everyone

« He made a big impact on everyone, if you met him you would know He lived life the way he wanted

« His passing had a huge impact on the family Like Savannah said it doesn’t feel real I still expect him to walk out the door or call me, laughing and joking as usual

« I spent part of my day with Josh I would always come back after work and see him and Keziah, and now he’s gone

« There’s just one hole Josh was in that will never be filled There will never be another Josh

« It’s his son’s second birthday next month and he had already started throwing a party for him Keziah is at that happy age where he doesn’t know what happened, I just got him broken heart for him

« Josh always loved him, he’s been double him since he was younger He always spent time with him »

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Josh was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 13 and is said to be suffering from grand mal seizures, one of the most serious and potentially fatal seizures that affect the entire body

Medications were unable to completely control Josh’s epilepsy, and although the number of seizures he reduced as he got older, he still had two or three a year

To help others who suffer from epilepsy and raise awareness of its dangerousness, Josh’s family are planning to organize sponsored fundraisers, as well as setting up an online fundraiser for anyone who wants to donate. tribute

Papa Mark said: « His death was classified as sudden unexplained death from epilepsy, or SUDEP

« We have some sponsored fundraisers to raise money for epilepsy charities in his memory As a father, I have epilepsy myself, but I have it under control

« But even I didn’t realize how dangerous it was until we looked into the matter with Josh

« A friend of mine from work, Deanne, organized a fundraiser on her behalf, for which we are very grateful

« The answer blew me away I think the target was only around £ 100 at first and now it’s £ 300, all going to an epilepsy charity

« Josh was born in Grimsby and lived in Cleethorpes his entire life He was a huge Liverpool fan and luckily got to see them win the league It was only his birthday in August, so he managed to celebrate it with his loved ones too

« He worked as a support worker at East Coast Lodge in Humberston He loved his job, he was always in demand by residents

« He liked to take them out They always wanted to go shopping because they wanted new clothes to be able to dress like him He always had a particular style and they liked it »

Due to social distancing restrictions, Josh’s funeral will be private for close friends and family, but they plan to celebrate his life so everyone can attend in the future

Mark said: « The restrictions mean we can only have 30 people at his funeral unfortunately I think he would have filled an entire church otherwise

« But we want to do what we can to honor him on the day of his funeral

« He was always crazy about scooters, even though he could never drive one himself, so as long as time allowed, we had local scooter groups escort his hearse around the crematorium He would have loved that

« Once this is done, we will organize a memorial for him for all his family and friends to come and pay homage to him and celebrate the life he lived

« He was loved by everyone, his brothers and sisters, the rest of his family and all his friends, and he will be dearly missed »


World news – GB – Liverpool FC fan dies aged 26, leaving one-year-old son


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