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Irishman James Collins reacts to a missed opportunity.

Source: James Crombie / INPHO

There has been very little tension between the two teams so far, with some nasty challenges being committed.

Horgan beats Cicinho on the right, but Collins can’t find the goal with a header from a cross from the wing..

Better than Ireland, although the Lawton star will feel he should have scored or at least worked as a goalkeeper there..

A free kick by Ruby Brady misses every player in the penalty area, but forces goalkeeper Lukov to dodge it.

As is often the case, a set of balls appears the most likely source of Ireland’s goal this evening.

Ivanov runs towards goal, but his touch is too heavy and Randolph is able to collect it.

Moments later, Brady’s free kick finds Daffy’s head, but he can’t get a proper header on it.

This is the second stray pass that puts the Irish defense under pressure, following a dirty ball from former Shane Duffy.

Becomes the second Irish player to see yellow after doing Kevin Long in an earlier challenge.

Curtis’ cross veers off the wrong side of the shaft, and Collins draws nearer to his end.

Collins’ first participation was to win a free kick in the Bulgarian half, but Brady’s delivery was too much and he sidetracked harmlessly.

Hey everyone, Gavin Cooney is in Aviva here, taking over from Paul for a few minutes as Sky Sports has some technical difficulties / improving their software.

Ireland started the match 4-2-3-1, with Ruby Brady taking the number. 10 behind James Collins with Ronan Curtis on the right and Daryl Horgan on the left.

The first chance of the match fell on the way to Bulgaria, as Shane Duffy blocked Craive’s shot.

Ciaran Heffernan cleans the balls before the match.

Source: Bryan Keane / INPHO

beginning of eleventh | Ireland v Bulgaria Congratulations to Ryan Manning who made his first-team debut tonight, James Collins, Ronan Curtis & Daryl Horgan start in the lead with Jason Knight’s start in midfield 👌 # COYBIG | #IRLBUL pic. Twitter. com / PSvaeYNNXZ

Ireland is still without a win in the Stephen Kenny era, and their only goal since taking over the coach came in the reverse match in this match all the way in early September. .

The preparation for this match was less than ideal for Ireland, to put it mildly.

They don’t have 13 of the original team that Kenny chose – in fact, you could literally pick a team of potential rookies from those missing.

Moreover, they should not lose in order to avoid relegation to the third division of the Nations League, as Bulgaria is currently trailing by a point in the group, having lost all their matches other than the Ireland match so far..

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World News – GB – LIVE: Ireland v Bulgaria, Nations League
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