World News – GB – Colin Rooney targets Rebecca Vardy before the Agatha Christie defamation battle


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Colin Rooney takes a swift punch at Becky Vardy as they prepare for the fight of Agatha Christie.

Wayne’s wife said, in a thorny blow to her opponent, that it is still a « matter of remorse » that the dispute between the wives of the soccer players has escalated..

Her spokesperson insisted, on the eve of the first hearing in the London High Court, that « Coleen remains completely confident. ».

The 34-year-old’s attorneys say she has repeatedly offered to meet Becky, 38, to settle their disputes over allegations that her competitor’s stories have been leaked to the press..

Today, the couple’s attorneys will appear before Meghan Markle’s privacy judge, Judge Mark Warby..

He will decide the meaning of Coleen’s post, which details her police work to expose who was divulging the information.

The judge will determine what Coleen must prove to successfully defend the defamation lawsuit filed by Becky, Lester and Jimmy Vardy’s wife, 33 years old from England.

Lawyers for a mother of five will say the letter was directed to her.

But Coleen will claim she had « reasonable grounds » to suspect that Becky leaked personal details directly or indirectly through others..

Becky describes she has « a solid history and a customary practice in providing information to journalists. ».

The controversy erupted last October when Coleen said on social media that she investigated after the stories were leaked.

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World News – Britain – Colin Rooney shoots Rebecca Vardy before Wagatha Christie’s Battle for Defamation
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