World news – GB – Can you still move out on lockdown?


Moving can be a famous stressful time, and this is only exacerbated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

You’ve finally saved enough money to buy your dream home, or the lease has expired and you can escape your nightmarish roommates

You’ve paid the deposit and administration fees, and you’ve signed off on the endless amount of paperwork – and all that’s left is to move in

But can you still move during the pandemic, and what are the rules in England now that a second lockdown has been confirmed?

Restrictions vary from country to country, so it’s important that you know what your local rules are

In the previous UK-wide lockdown, the British were still allowed to move, but were discouraged from doing so

It has now been confirmed that England will move next week, but the rules for the move are unclear at the moment

Latest advice from UK government says: ‘It may become necessary to suspend all local or national moves for a short period of time to deal with the spread of the coronavirus

As it stands, all three levels are allowed to move, provided it can be done safely

Affected businesses, such as real estate agents and moving companies, have been urged to implement their own Covid-19 safety rules

These measures may include offering virtual tours, releasing your current property during tours, and ensuring that your property is thoroughly cleaned before someone else moves out

You will need to contact your agency to find out what measures it has put in place

Those visiting an agent’s office or visiting a property should wear a face mask

Any physical visitation where potential buyers or tenants will enter the property must not involve more than two households at a time inside the property – this includes the real estate agent

You must avoid touching surfaces and you must disinfect your hands regularly when making physical visits

Tenants must be given six months’ notice of eviction – three-month ones were banned in March

The good news is that you can still move to Wales, even during the two week firewall lockdown – but only if the moving process can’t wait for the lockdown to end.

Related activities, for example, deletion processes, key handover, surveys and reviews can also take place

However, tours of the property cannot take place during the fire break period and high street real estate agencies are required to close – you will have to view the property virtually

In addition, Welsh Government website confirms « no evictions will take place » during firewall lockdown

People are free to return to their homes in Northern Ireland even while the circuit breaker is locked out, but they should expect changes in the way this is usually done

Initial viewings should be done virtually anywhere possible Physical viewings are allowed, but should be limited to members of the same household – and as long as the current tenant and viewers do not isolate themselves

You should avoid touching surfaces and you should disinfect your hands regularly when making physical visits Facial coverings are recommended

Real estate agents, photographers, videographers and energy performance assessors can visit in order to put the property on the market

The move is allowed in all five levels of Scotland, provided it can be done safely

Affected businesses, such as real estate agencies and moving companies, may also continue to help people relocate

According to the Scottish Government website, you can still physically attend home visits, but only if you stand at least two meters away from other people and wash your hands regularly Avoid difficult surfaces

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If you isolate yourself, do not attend house tours, move out, allow people to see your house, or allow affected workers to enter your house

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News from the world – GB – Can you still move out on lockdown?


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