World news – GB – Alex Scott’s daily diet: What the presenter eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner


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She’s a former English footballer who stunned us last year severely while dancing with Neil Jones. Alex Scott is now co-hosting the Kids in Need alongside Mel Jedroick, Chris Ramsay and Stephen Mangan on November 13th..

Having worked as a professional athlete, Alex’s diet is extremely healthy. She recently told The Telegraph: “I’ve been ingrained in myself from the age of eight to properly nourish my body. And I missed this teen thing of partying and drinking, because of football. Now I advise my friends and mom what to do when they want to lose weight – with exercising it should be fun and easily incorporate into your daily routine..

Talk to juicemaster. Com, she previously revealed: “In the morning, I struggle to eat before I workout. So the easy option is juicing until I know I’m getting the nutrients, and again after a match to recover.

Alex added: « I usually choose a smoothie or avocado mix, which fills me up and gives me the energy I need..

In 2015, Alex shared a picture on her Instagram of her food of the week that she prepared all in boxes. How structured! The meals appeared to be a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Alex said: “My food is ready and ready for a busy weekend, thank you freshfitnessfood, you guys are the best. . FYI Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Balls # Yummy « 

A previous clip on her Instagram page shows the sports star spoiling according to Joe Wicks. My attempt at thebodycoach coconut and cashew nut salmon # leanin15 oi oiiiii . . . . Jubbly Lovely – Champions League Night.

Alex also previously told BBC Newsround about one of her dinner favorites, saying, “I love fashion and music and I love going to my mom in East London for a roast dinner..

We really liked the picture of one of Alex’s cakes on social media too. She introduced her amazing creativity of two layers of sponge and strawberry, writing: “My cookies win. My cake is better than your leahwilliamsonn.

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World News – GB – Alex Scott’s Daily Diet: What the presenter eats at breakfast, lunch and dinner


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