World News – GB – 10/24 Moore’s Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Review: Eric Young vs Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship, Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae for the Knockouts title, Motor City Machine Guns vs The Good Brothers vs The North vs Ace Austin and Madman Fulton for Impact Tag Titles – Pro Wrestling Dot Net


Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2020 Deployed live October 24, 2020 on pay-per-view and FITE TV
Nashville, Tennessee at Skyway Studios

The hosts of the Bound For Glory pre-show were D’Lo Brown, Madison Rayne and John Burton (the Slammiversary Commercials reporter) After some discussion, the panel moved on to an Eric Young vs. Rich Swann Video Package The panel then gave his opinion on the world title match…

A posted selfie video of Bret Hart congratulating Ken Shamrock on his induction into the Impact Hall of Fame…

After the commercial break, the panel discussed the Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae Match.During the following video, Deonna noted that she was going to use a new technique during the match After the video, Gia Miller asked Deonna if she was ready for her title defense Deonna said she was born ready and made for nights like this Deonna said she was about to cement her story Deonna said the real question was whether Kylie was ready Deonna said she couldn’t blame Kylie for not being there right now as there must be a lot of pressure on her Deonna said she was going to leave the evening as KO champion…

After the break Matt Striker and Don Callis arrived from the comment table The attacker succeeded in an ongoing Impact auction…

1 “The Rascalz” Dezmond Xavier and Zach Wentz vs. “The Elders” Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake Zach and Jake started the game Zach used quick strikes to get the two Deaners in the corner Dez scored and the Rascalz hit their opponents with elbows in the corner Jake lifted Dez up and threw him at Zach Cody took a suicide dive, but he fell on Dez’s foot Zach grabbed Jake with a running plancha Cody grabbed the ropes to block a Dezmond Superplex Zach and Jake got involved Jake hit the Rascalz with a powerful bomb Cody hit Dez with a diving header for a two count

The Rascalz beat Cody with a combination of kicks and punches Cody raised his knees to block the flame of the hot fire The Deaners hit Dezmond with a two-team slam finisher for the win

A video package released to promote the tag team title game at Bound For Glory This was followed by a Good Brothers promotion…

It has been announced that after the break, Dwayne The Rock Johnson will induct Ken Shamrock into the Impact Hall of Fame… [c]

Thoughts from John: A good, albeit short, tag team game with the four men having to rearrange their characters a bit to be taken seriously Dez, Zach and Jake are three guys who I think have singles potential Upgraded Cousin Jake continues to shine as someone who gets it wrong as an undercard comedy guy because this guy has talent What was a little weird was that the Deans were leaving I thought they treated the Rascalz a bit more seriously, but it puts them back in that parity hole they were stuck in with the Deaners and Reno Scum.

Matt Striker took the stage, where he introduced Dwayne « The Rock » Johnson, who appeared via pre-recorded video, to induct Ken Shamrock into the Impact Rock Hall of Fame spoke about the importance of Ken Shamrock for his Rock career said that Shamrock was the toughest hero who helped Rock become a strong heel Rock ended his promo by calling Shamrock a friend and a brother…

Striker introduced Shamrock as a new Impact Hall of Fame member and presented him with a glass plate award Shamrock said a lot of people helped him get to this point Shamrock thanked Vince McMahon for helping make Shamrock what he is by hiring him into WWE Shamrock ended his promo by thanking the fans… [c]

Thoughts of John: A Strong Hall of Fame Induction That said with Rock, Hart, Foley, promotional content and Shamrock thanking Vince, it felt more like a WWE Hall of Fame induction than an Impact induction. Hall of Fame They had time to produce this right? I can almost see Shamrock doing exactly this promo and ceremony next year for WrestleMania

The panel gave their opinion on the EC3 game and Moose John Burton then sent things to the main show which was available through Fite TV…

Josh Mathews presented Bound For Glory Josh Mathews and Don Callis were the main show’s commentary team…

1 Rohit Raju vs. TJ Perkins vs. Trey Miguel vs. Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack vs. Jordynne Grace for the X Division Championship Rohit tried to run away, but Perkins threw him in the ring Madness ensued Bey used a pear tree to block TJP’s iconic scissors Trey took Perkins out of the ring with a dropkick He then hit Bey with a dropkick and reversed 619 Trey hit Rohit with a combo Scorpion Kick Rohit rolled Mack came into the ring and a had a lucha trade with Trey Mack hit Trey with a flying shoulder block Grace hit Mack with a series of shoulder blocks

Grace defeated Mack with a flying shoulder tackle for a count of two Mack hit Grace with a body blow Perkins hit Mack with a dropping toe Perkins then did his unique multi-submission (but, for me, too cute) on Mack, Trey, Grace and Bey Grace escaped and locked Perkins in a header Rohit interrupted movement with light strikes Mack ended up grabbing Rohit with a pop-up forearm Mack a beat the rest of his opponents including a nice Cyclone Kick on Perkins Rohit got up and took punches from all his opponents

Mack hit Rohit with his iconic Moonsault combo Everyone Broke the Pin Grace shot Rohit and TJ with a suicide sling dive Mack shot the three people outside with a Tope Con Hilo Trey hit TJ with a wrecking ball kick Bey hit Trey with a drop kick to knock him off Perkins’ shoulders Bey ended up hitting everyone except TJP with a top rope dive Rohit grabbed a TJP running with a high knee for a two count

Perkins hit Rohit with La Magistral Crucifix for a two-way count Trey fought to get out of Grace’s Kinniku Buster Bey put Grace in the tree of doom Everyone ended up crowding around the corner Grace brought down the group of wrestlers with a deadlift Tower of Doom from the tree of doom Rohit hit Grace with the double stomp Mack broke the next pin attempt Mack hit Rohit with a Stunner Bey hit Mack with an RKO Trey hit Bey with a dropkick TJ hit Trey with an octopus grip TJ then knocked Grace over in her kneepad

Perkins moved on to hold Trey Grace broke movement with senton Grace hit Trey with Grace Driver Rohit broke pin attempt Rohit threw Grace from the top rope at Mack TJ hit Trey with Mamba Splash Rohit hit TJ with a high knee Rohit pinned Trey for the win

Rohit Raju defeated Trey Miguel, TJ Perkins, Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey and Willie Mack in a 13:20 pinfall

Josh Mathews and Don Callis have checked the comments The comments team has gone through the upcoming games on the map…

Thoughts from John: A well done game, but nothing too different from what we are used to in the Impact / TNA Division X opening contests That said, I like the finishing streak I’m glad they keep the belt on Rohit Raju because he’s only scratching the surface on what I think he can do as a Champion Not to mention he does a solid job as an arrogant champion who finds smart but smart ways to escape with the title

The commentary team cut at John E Bravo’s pre-wedding party (in a production flub, they caught Josh Mathews frustrated with production issues with the audio) Jimmy Jacobs ended up interrupting party, telling everyone who was wrestling in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal to show up in the ring They then moved on to Rhino and Heath Slater backstage Heath was excited, but Rhino was remorseful that he wasn’t able to ‘helping out the best he could because he’s stuck as No.1 Heath ended up turning Rhino on, saying he appreciated Rhino putting his job on the line and fighting for Heath and his family Heath then launched Rhino…

Rhino was the first participant of the match The second participant was Shawn Daivari, who looked broken…

2 The Call Your Shot Battle Royal Rhino defeated Daivari with a hip blow Daivari and Rhino brawled outside and inside the ring Larry D was the next participant Larry grabbed Rhino with an uppercut and a running splash Crazzy Steve was next Acey Romero was next These participants come in pretty quickly (are there gaps?) Next participant was Tenille Dashwood Jessika Havok came in next and kicked out Kaleb Konley (who didn’t was not in the game) Brian Myers was next participant, Participant 8

Crazzy Steve was the first person eliminated [Horn] Swoggle was the next Myers used Swoggle as a weapon to take down Daivari Myers then quickly took out Swoggle Tommy Dreamer entered dressed as the late Road Warrior Animal Dreamer and Swoggle made a Doomsday fixture on Myers Alisha Edwards entered Don Callis noted that Alisha had the worst average streak of anyone in the ring Alisha tried to hit Myers a bit, but she was thrown out of the ring by Myers after Myers did not sell the cane shots

Myers dumped Tenille Dashwood after taking selfies with her Taya Valkyrie was next where she hit both XXXL members with a hip attack and a wedge meteorite Fallah Bahh was next, still holding the wad Hernandez’s Silver Next Was Cowboy James Storm Storm knocked out Larry D Next was Adam F’n Thornstowe

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World news – EN – 10/24 Impact Wrestling de Moore Bound For Glory review: Eric Young vs Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship, Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae for the Knockouts title, Motor City Machine Guns vs The Good Brothers vs The North vs Ace Austin and Madman Fulton for Impact Tag titles – Pro Wrestling Dot Net



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