World news – Clippers’ Patrick Patterson: Paul George is focused on an all-time high.


LOS ANGELES – Patrick Patterson, the 11th year Clippers forward, is a trusted source for perspective on a range of topics – from professional readiness to Pokemon to Paul George.

Patterson’s take on this last one comes from the seasons he played both against and alongside the Clippers superstar, who started this season with a tear.

In Friday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, George scored the best 52.4 percent of his career, 50.5 percent from the 3-point range and an average of 5.6 assists – the caliber of basketball his MVP cemented his place in conversation for the league two seasons ago as a member of Thunder when he voted for the honor in third place.

Patterson played alongside George in the OKC in the 2018/19 season as well as in the previous one and said at the Shootaround on Friday that he recognizes the intensity with which George is playing. In fact, Patterson said, his bite could be more vicious this season.

« His tenacity on the court, his focus, I think, is at an all-time high, a different level, » said Patterson, who also competed against George as a member of the Toronto Raptors when the Palmdale native was an aspiring man. coming star in Indiana.

« To be able to play him all the time, whenever I was in Toronto and he was in Indiana, just to see that killer instinct in his eyes that I had like in Indiana, that real dog nature. »

« Just his focus, like I said, is right through the roof. He’s hungry. He wants to prove people wrong. He wants to prove right, » added Patterson, playing on George’s shooting fights in the Orlando bubble in the postseason and the subsequent tidal wave of criticism.

« He just wants to go out every night and be the best Paul George he can be, while involving and leading his teammates on the offensive side of the pitch, being one of those generals out there that we urgently need each. » need single night.  »

Mark Daigneault, the Thunder’s first year coach who has headed the G League in Oklahoma City for the past six years, doesn’t know George as well as Patterson does. But he said he, too, recognizes the version of George that will help establish the Clippers early on the Western Conference rankings.

« I should see him go to work every day, » said Daigneault. “What stands out is just his ability to influence the game, really wherever you put him. Defensive on the ball. Defensive on the ball. Offensive on the ball. Offensive on the ball. Obviously, only the versatility that he brings to the table can he improve any team and play with any player. So it’s not surprising that he was as good for this team as he was.

« His ability to work only with other great players like himself is what he did here, he does it there, he will do it for his entire career. »

Nicolas Batum and his wife Lily welcomed a baby daughter on Friday. The forward tweeted ahead of the Clippers game at the Staples Center – which he started, just like he started all 15 of the others this season.

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« She is there! » Batum tweeted. “Welcome to this (crazy) world, Nayeli. My wife Lily and our little princess are fine. Woman are the strongest. Both did a great job. What a crazy day I am the happiest man in the world.  »

Nayeli has an older brother, Ayden Richard, who was born on April 29, 2016, early in the morning before Game 6 of the Charlotte Hornets playoff series in the first round against the Miami Heat. Batum came off the bench in that game, playing 15 minutes and scoring six points in a 97-90 loss.

On Friday, Clippers trainer Tyronn Lue said he and Batum’s new LA teammate had been in touch to offer congratulations.

« He wants to play, so we’re just trying to see if it’s going to happen, try to sort it out with the NBA and see what happens, » Lue said before the game – and before Batum took the field to warm up . « He wants to play. »

During the first break in the action on Friday, Eric Smith, Speaker of the Clippers Public Address, congratulated Batum on the birth of his daughter, which received applause from his teammates on the bench and from team owner Steve Ballmer, who is in his usual base seat sat.

She is there! Welcome to this (crazy) world of Nayeli. My wife Lily and our little princess are fine. Woman are the strongest. Both did a great job. What a crazy day I’m the happiest man in the world ❤️❤️❤️

Ayden Richard Batum was born at 1.30am last night! His mother did a wonderful job (me too 😅) Baby Bat I Iove you!

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