WORLD NEWS – CALIFORNIA – Hundreds of thousands without electricity as a wind storm sweeps through Ontario


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A windstorm that ravaged swathes of southern and central Ontario caused power cuts to hundreds of thousands of residents.

Hydro One said it was working to restore electricity to more than 200,000 customers, while Toronto Hydro reported a power outage affecting thousands of others..

Environment Canada placed a portion of Southern Ontario extending from Windsor to Kingston and beyond Sudbury under a mid-afternoon wind warning, which remained in place at night.

Peel Regional Police said crews were working to repair broken power lines west of Toronto early in the evening, while Windsor Police reported that many residents were left in the dark..

Meanwhile, Halton Police said senders received reports of trees falling on the roads at more than 30 locations within 90 minutes..

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World News – California – Hundreds of thousands without power due to the windstorm sweeping Ontario
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