WORLD NEWS – CA – WATCH: Waves alternate the shores of Lake Erie Sunday


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Wave after wave that slammed the shores of Lake Erie on Sunday as strong winds hit more than 100 km / h until evening.

“I am always concerned during these times about whether or not the retaining wall will hold,” says Tara Caddo, who owns a cabin in the middle of the evacuation area on Erie Shores Drive in Chatham-Kent.

Cadeau acts as president of the Erie Shore Drive Homeowners Association and tells CTV Windsor homeowners the deficit.

“This year has been great in terms of relentless winds,” she says. “When you’re in the middle of this, there’s nothing you can do.

Says Erie Shore Drive’s remaining homeowners are in constant contact with officials from the county, « looking for long-term solutions; end-to-end bulkhead.

Chatham-Kent officials told CTV Windsor that no serious injuries from the storm have yet been reported..

Leamington has seen the worst flooding along the Essex County coastline and the ferry service to Pelee Island from Kingsville has been canceled on Sunday..

Windsor Police say they were busy with alarms from high winds and fallen trees, but no one was injured.. There were several power outages across the region on Sunday.

The flood warning issued by the Essex Region Conservation Agency is expected to expire at 12:00. M. Monday.

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World News – CA – WATCH: Waves Punish Shores of Lake Erie Sunday
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