World news – CA – recovery hopes grow as exports in Europe’s largest economy rose more than expected


German exports rose more-than-expected in September, boosting hopes that Europe’s largest economy can avoid a double-digit deflation

The Federal Statistical Office revealed that exports rose 23% in the month, albeit at a slower pace compared to the previous month, while imports decreased by 01% after a 58% rise in August. The numbers represent seasonal fluctuations and calendar effects

ING economist Carsten Brzeski told Reuters: « Looking ahead, exports (and industrial production) can still prevent the economy from sliding into a second closing recession in the last quarter of the year. »

“With US President-elect Biden, the threat to impose US tariffs on European cars (read German) should disappear,” he added.

Last month’s data showed that the German economy grew at a record 82% in the third quarter thanks to an increase in consumer spending and exports. It was a strong recovery compared to the previous three months.

At the time, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said at a press conference that the numbers were « much higher » than expectations, and that the government now expects a drop in full-year GDP of 55%, down from September’s forecast of 58%.


A good third quarter indicates that the German economy can continue to grow even during the pandemic, Altmaier said, adding that he expects the economy to fully recover from the epidemic by 2022

Germany announced new lockdown measures last Monday to combat the spread of the Coronavirus to curb a second wave of infections.

Last week I went into a month-long « closing light », closing all non-essential stores including bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and theaters under new German rules. Public meetings are limited to a maximum of 10 people from two families. Private parties are also prohibited.

On Friday, Germany announced the highest daily coronavirus infection rate ever – a record number of 21,506, bringing the total since the outbreak of the epidemic to 619,089 The death toll in the country rose from 166 to 11,096

Health Minister Jens Spahn warned that « the situation is grave » after the number of COVID patients being treated in intensive care units has doubled over the past ten days

The election of Joe Biden spread to the front pages of newspapers in the United States and around the world on Sunday, a day after major media outlets announced the 2020 Biden presidential race.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D.), on Sunday, classified the concerns of some members of her party that calling « socialist » would harm Democrats in the House of Representatives who lost their re-election bid this week In a conference call leaked among Democrats in Congress on Thursday, Representative Abigail Spanberger warned From Virginia that the party should not use the word « socialist » or « socialist » again, saying « We lost good members because of that » and she expected the Democrats to do so. Get « ripped » during the next midterms otherwise « why is she wrong? » Host Jake Taber asked Ocasio-Cortez Sunday on CNN and Progressive New York responded that Republicans have launched « highly effective rhetorical attacks » against Democrats in this election cycle, but insisted that socialism is not on the ballot. « But I think one very important thing is realizing that Highly effective republican attacks will happen in every cycle, so the question is how do we defend ourselves against that?  » Ocasio-Cortez said, “If you look at some of the arguments that are being made, that“ Defund the Police ”is harmful or that the arguments about socialism have been damaged, not a single member of Congress that I know has campaigned on socialism or stopped funding the police in general and went on saying that this language came In the form of « slogans » or « demands » from progressive activist groupsThe Democrats lost seats but kept a slim majority in the House of Representatives. The party has also failed to seize control of the Senate as two races on the Georgia Senate head towards a run-off election that will determine which party controls the Senate. She said the question now is « How do we build a more effective democratic process? » Be stronger and more resilient in the face of Republican attacks, « adding that she sees » many areas that we can point to in unusually weak democratic central processes, « such as the party’s digital campaigns, an area where Republicans have power. » She said, « The party is still The Democrat is campaigning largely as if it were in 2005. ”The 31-year-old congresswoman, who described herself as a“ democratic socialist, ”said that there are“ very deep divisions ”within the party, at least in the caucus in the House of Representatives, and that with A smaller majority will have more divisions Important for unification against Republicans

One of the messages said, « Never let them forget that they are traitors and they have no right to live in this republic after what they have done »

« It could have changed the rules of the game by increasing diversity and representation at UCSD, » said a student from the University of California, about the rejected 16 proposal

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan interacts with the latest election news in « Fox & Friends Weekend »

President-elect Joe Biden’s road to victory wasn’t easy – at some point, early in the Democratic primary, it looked like he might end up with an afterthought – but he eventually emerged as the expected winner on Saturday and seemed to stick to his personal vision while campaigning. Electoral, even if it seems unconvincing at times to other Democrats, is at least part of what pushed him to cross the line, The New York Times reports.Anita Dunn, one of his closest advisors, told the newspaper, “His campaign” “has been the least responsive of any presidential campaign in recent history.” Sean-Bob Casey (D-Pa) recalled hearing Biden’s original bid for the White House in 2019, before announcing his candidacy, he said Casey says he is not convinced of Biden’s messages « about the soul of the country, » especially at a time of sharp ideological divide across the United States. « I was worried at the time that it wasn’t hard enough, » Casey told The Times, but admitted that the former Vice President « had insight into his ability, even in the primaries when there was no one else to do to say, » We have to reunite the country «  » Read more in the New York Times More stories from the week com Why it matters, the unknown nominee by Trump will not witness Biden’s apparent victory, Fox News kneels on the day the world stops paying attention to Donald Trump


Dozens were injured when Georgian police fired water cannons at hundreds of protesters who gathered in front of the Central Election Commission on Sunday to support the opposition’s call for a re-run of the October elections. 31 parliamentary elections they say were rigged, and the police said that protesters tried to storm the committee building, and the ministry said in a statement, « Since the protesters used violent methods and did not comply with police instructions, the Ministry of Interior used relative force within its powers. »

The Army Commander warned of a « risk » of a third world war due to growing global uncertainty, as he called on the government to commit to « long-term » money for the armed forces General Sir Nick Carter said the increase in regional conflicts raging around the world could Turning into « all-out war » The Chief of Defense Staff said the world was a « very uncertain and anxious place » during the coronavirus pandemic and suggested that « you could see escalation lead to miscalculation. » « We have to remember that history may not repeat itself but it has a rhythm. And if you look at the last century, before the two world wars, I think there is no question of an escalation that led to a miscalculation that ultimately led to the war on a scale we hope we will never see again, ”Sir Nick said and told Sophie Ridge of Sky News on Sunday that the Army It also needs long-term investments from the Treasury in order to achieve « modernization. » This comes after news of a clash between the prime minister and the adviser over the issue of defense spending. Boris Johnson is said to have called for a 15 billion pound financing package until 2025 while Rishi Sunak supports a settlement. For a year worth 1 gin Yeh GBP 9 billion as part of the spending review However, Sir Nick said negotiations with Downing Street and the Treasury were « going in a very constructive way » and confirmed that he would seek a multi-year package. « Obviously we will be discussing something like that because we need investment. Long-term because the long-term investment gives us the opportunity to be confident in modernization. « 

President-elect Joe Biden is ready to issue a series of executive orders after taking office that would reverse some of President Trump’s noteworthy policies, including the controversial « Muslim ban », his crackdown on DREAMers, and his withdrawal from Paris Climate accords and the World Health Organization, people familiar with his plans told The Washington Post, « Biden advisers have spent months quietly working on how best to implement his agenda, as hundreds of transitional officials prepare to work within various federal agencies, » the newspaper writes. « They have put together a book full of campaign commitments. To help guide their early decisions, « In yet another display of the stark contrast Biden plans to draw with Trump, the President-elect is reported to be planning to announce a strong 12-person task force sooner Monday.While Biden’s blanket erasure of his predecessor’s efforts in office would be remarkable, the president-elect will likely have few other options to implement key policies, given that the imminent prospect of a Republican-controlled Senate would pose an obstacle for his administration to pass substantive legislation. The good old, the mandate would have meant the other side would be more flexible, or the feeling that it had momentum to act, ”Sen Robert B. Casey Jr., Jr. (D-Pa) explained to the newspaper,“ I’m not sure this applies anymore ”Read the full scoop And what could be included in Biden’s plans, in the Washington Post, here More stories from the Why does it matter, the unknown nominee by Trump will not witness Biden’s apparent victory, Fox News kneels on the day the world stops paying attention to Donald Trump p>

Susan Gallisha can watch Honolulu rail cars undergo testing on elevated tracks just minutes from her home. The railroad – one of the most expensive per capita in the country – may have to finish a long way from both the city center and the hotel district in An indescribable light industrial zone with a bus stop and highway interchange The latest estimate of the cost of the 20-mile (32 km) railway is $ 9 1 billion – nearly double the $ 5 billion in the budget at the time of the project launch in 2011

“I don’t even know if I want to be in politics,” she told The New York Times and said that the Democratic Party was hostile to progressive issues

Although President Trump was playing golf when Democratic candidate Joe Biden was expected to win the presidential race, he managed to release a branding statement Trump claimed « the election is not over » despite Biden having passed 270 votes From the Electoral College vote when Pennsylvania was called up in his favor, Trump insisted that legal challenges to his campaign in several states would demonstrate that « illegal voting » had unfairly handed Biden the presidency (both election officials and his campaign aides failed to identify any evidence On the existence of an illegal ballot) he said his claims will determine the « legitimate winner » « > INBOX: Statement by President Donald J. Trump pic.twittercom / LJxbbdQBJu >> – Ben Jacobs (Bencjacobs) November 7, 2020 Trump legal advisor Gina Ellis came out on Twitter Allegedly « concerted attempts by the media to announce Joe Biden’s victory and ignore the rule of law, » and the expected victory came after counting the votes that gave Biden an indomitable progress. In Trump’s statement, « So what is Biden hiding? » I will not rest until the American people get the honest votes they deserve and that democracy demands. He accused Biden of « rushing to wrongly appear as the winner, » indicating that it is undemocratic for Biden to accept his victory in the meantime. Biden celebrated his victory by adopting that  » Democracy beats deep in the heart of America « More stories from the week com Why it matters, the unknown nominee by Trump will not witness Biden’s apparent victory. Fox News kneels on the day the world stopped paying attention to Donald Trump

The Cullen County Sheriff’s Office said, « Hundreds of T-pamphlets bearing their campaign banners were stolen from Republicans, Democrats, and independents. »

News of Joe Biden’s election as the next president of the United States on Saturday prompted many to respond in emotional ways. This includes Don Lemon from CNN, who commented on the decision during that evening’s newscast. Lemon began with a deep sigh, saying, “I almost can’t speak now, Because of the emotion « 

The Democrats won two seats for the Republicans: in Colorado and Arizona, but the Republicans held out against rivals in Iowa, Montana, Maine and South Carolina

Nurses will be allowed to care for two Covid patients at the same time in an effort to relieve pressure on hospitals, as NHS chiefs have decided, NHS England has decided to temporarily ease the 1: 1 rule amid increasing numbers of employees who have been forced into illness by the virus or asked to self-isolate. The number of Covid patients has risen to 11,514, of whom 986 are using ventilators, according to the latest figures NHS England agreed with its decision with the British Association of Critical Care Nurses, which represents the specialist intensive care staff, according to The Guardian on Sunday, the Lincolnshire Hospital Trust became the first to announce a major accident during the second wave of Covid after an increase in the number of patients requiring oxygen. The NHS Foundation Trust in North Lincolnshire and Goule, which operates hospitals throughout Grimsby and Scunthorpe, is also understaffed after dozens of nurses and doctors were ordered to self-isolate. Northeast Lincolnshire is one of the hardest-hit areas in the country, with 106 Covid patients currently being treated at its three hospitals, said Dr. Kate Wood, the fund’s medical director, “I can confirm that the fund has embarked on its plan for major accidents due to the demand for our oxygen supply. “To keep our patients safe, we had to retrofit a number of wards and move patients into the hospital overnight. We have also called in additional nursing staff to work extra shifts.” The Trust said 56 patients were being treated at Diana Hospital, Princess of Wales in Grimsby, and 47 in Scunthorpe General Hospital and three in Goole – the first time the number of patients has crossed the 100 threshold Six people are being treated in the intensive care unit at both Grimsby and Scunthorpe Hospitals, and the Secretariat reported five more deaths on Saturday, two of them on Friday and one in the previous three days earlier in the week, said Dr. Wood: « The number of inpatients increased during the two weeks. This means that we have had to close some wards and other areas to perform deep cleanings. We also take care of many patients with other diseases – as happens every year with the approaching winter season. This comes amid increasing pressure on hospitals across the country, With routine surgeries suspended across Greater Manchester over the weekend, health chiefs said urgent operations and cancer appointments would continue to move forward. Last week, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham canceled elective procedures after reporting a « significant » spike in emergency cases. Covid and non-Covid and Trust said that all non-emergency surgeries in the hospital will have to be rearranged until the end of this month

“This coronavirus might be a privilege, because I’ll tell you now, there’s a bigger judgment coming,” Evangelist Irwin Baxter once said

On the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, Fox News host claimed, without citing any evidence, that the Biden administration was « demanding obedience »

On the last day of the Nuremberg trials, the surviving top Nazi leaders delivered their final speeches from the dock, with most attempting to downplay their role in the regime’s crimes

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World News – California – Recovery hopes increase as exports in Europe’s largest economy rise more than expected



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