World News – CA – Nickelback’s photo gets a spoof version for Google Photos


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Google Photos just made the perfect parody song with Nickelback’s 2005 hit Photograph. Google teamed up with Nickelback to release a Google Photos version of the song. There is also a music video.

The parody song couldn’t be more perfect if the video with singer Chad Kroeger actually reminds of the past via Google Photos. The video walks you through various Google Photos features such as recent highlights, reminders, and more. It starts just like the original video, in which Kroeger holds a photo frame out to the camera.

The Google Photos Photograph video takes a look back at Kroger’s moments with the band and what they look like now. The lyrics are pretty funny too, with a line referring to Kroeger’s curly hair – “Is it my hair or just a ramen bowl?. « The music video was posted on Google’s YouTube channel and has over 60 to date. 000 views.

And in case you were interested, here are the full lyrics for the new Photograph song.

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World News – CA – Nickelback’s photo gets a spoof version for Google Photos


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