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Jimmy’ Mr Beast ‘Donaldson invites fellow creators to help him create their YouTube return, following the Google-owned company recent cancellation of its annual summary in November.

Whether you love it or hate it, YouTube Rewind has become a major part of the video platform. The annual summary takes place in December every year and looks back at the entire year to highlight trending trends and content creators.

Unfortunately, on November 12, the Google-owned company announced that it was « taking a breather » for 2020.. Without letting it stand still, rising star Mister Beast announces that he’s making it, and pleads for help.

Rewind was first launched in 2010 as a simple list of the 50 Most Popular Videos. Summaries have evolved over the past decade, eventually becoming a flagship budget production featuring the biggest platform builders.

However, in November, YouTube announced the cancellation of the event, stating, « 2020 was different. It is not right to continue as if this were not the case. So we’re taking a breather from this year’s rewind.

Mr Best responded to the decision on Twitter, saying he would make a decision of his own. “Since YouTube won’t be returning the video this year, I’ll do so If there are other creators who want to help, just respond! He read his tweets on November 17th..

Within minutes of posting, some of the top YouTube creators responded to Donaldson’s tweet wanting to participate in his Rewind 2020 project. Renowned technical reviewer Marques « MKBHD » Brownlee offered to assist him with the production. He said, « I volunteer to help with the production or whatever else can make this cool. ».

Other tech figures have offered to help as well, from Linus Tech Tips to Austin Evans. Popular gaming characters Vikram « Vikkstar » Barn and 100 Thieves star Mob Classify also wanted to participate in the community-created project.

Hilariously, Irish superstar Sean « Jacksepticeye » McLoughlin gave Mr. Beast advice, asking him to make the video bad on purpose..

Given Mr. Beast’s track record of growing already crazy videos at once, it will be interesting to see what he can bring for Rewind 2020. With some of YouTube’s top tech reviewers offering their help, we can get something epic.

This isn’t the first time Donaldson has rallied to bring the community together. In April, it hosted a live broadcast where the biggest platform creators faced a Rock Paper Scissors competition for a $ 250K prize..

Twitch raised the ire of the audience again, this time for offering broadcast creators a new way to earn Affiliate Affiliate – one that includes signing up for a paid subscription to Monstercat Gold, a music record company that has partnered with the platform.

To say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year for Twitch publicly, that’s to say the least; On numerous occasions, the company’s decisions have met with a backlash from audiences on social media.

Amid all the controversy surrounding DMCA strikes and the like, the platform has now rolled out a new method for gaining affiliation status as a broadcast operator, which gives you a subscribe button, emotions, and a lot of other perks that partners get, and if That was on a less profitable scale.

The difference with this new route compared to the traditional one is that it’s behind a firewall – a $ 5 monthly subscription to Monstercat Gold, which has partnered with Twitch to offer this new fast track to an affiliate partner.

To take advantage of this new affiliate track, all you have to do is simply subscribe to the Monstercat Gold service and have it active on your Twitch account for 30 days..

Those who already have an active Monstercat Gold subscription for at least 30 days prior to announcing this can apply for an affiliate immediately..

As expected, Twitter rallied with naysayers and criticized Twitch for essentially allowing ambitious broadcast creators to purchase affiliate status, something others had to earn on their own by fulfilling the platform’s requirements.

As a launderer who puts in the time and effort to join the company, I have to say. . Pic. Twitter. com / xaCksKUwrs

Hey twitch . . . & Blender Cabinets decided “Hey, we also want to be massive losers! Let’s tell viewers to mute their games because we can’t figure out DMCA, and let’s make our affiliate program pay to play! The legitimate doesn’t know if I want to In broadcasting on the platform again

Hot shot. This is a dirty and disgusting move that drags the affiliate’s case through the mud. There has to be a better way to spark a group like this without just giving the affiliate marketer some money.

The « pay-to-play » aspect of this feature isn’t the only thing users contradicted – others have accused Twitch of posting a story that appears to be a false promise to someone who doesn’t appeal to many viewers..

“Telling broadcasters with 0-2 viewers that they are“ closer to making a living ”on Twitch if they buy your product is misleading, exploitative and irresponsible,” wrote Fruitbats, a broadcast source on the platform.

Realize that twitch has never really interested content creators. They are using the DMCA apocalypse as a way to make a profit

However, not everyone has a big problem with this paid fast track method; Others, like popular content creator chocoTaco, pointed out that the requirements for getting affiliate marketing are so low and easy that this new feature doesn’t have any significant impact..

There is no offense to pickpockets from affiliates, but complaints about this are ridiculous. Referral requirements are 50 followers, 3 concurrent viewers, and 8 streaming hours . . . Not to mention, buying referral status doesn’t engage viewers.

By the way, this isn’t the first option Twitch has offered to aspiring streamers. Back in March of 2020, the popular music service SoundCloud announced a similar partnership with the streaming platform, allowing those who subscribe to any of their paid services to get a fast track to partnership status..

However, it is interesting that this announcement did not receive the negative attention that the Monstercat partnership received, possibly due to the timing of this new announcement in the midst of the Digital Millennium Property Act (DMCA) controversy that has gripped the platform..

So, we just have to see what happens to all of this as 2020 comes to an end.

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World News – CA – Mr Beast asks YouTubers to help create his YouTube Rewind 2020 – Dexerto


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