. . World News – CA – MIM Software Inc. Announces its collaboration with the Peter McCallum Cancer Center to improve patient management


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November 19, 2020 – MIM Software Inc. Announced a collaboration with the Peter McCallum Cancer Center (Peter Mack) to support the ProsTIC Program of Excellence.

Peter Mac and MIM Software will collaborate to improve the management of prostate cancer patients through the program. ProsTIC will develop tools that assist clinicians in staging an oncological cancer, plan treatment, evaluate response to treatment, and detect recurrence.

Peter Mack introduced ProsTIC to expand clinical trial research, create an educational center on the benefits of new technology, and conduct more research on next-generation goals.

said Professor Michael Hoffmann, nuclear medicine physician, physician and scientist at Peter Mac. Clinical researchers will collaborate with the MIM program to perform advanced analysis of PET images and develop new methods for analyzing a whole-body tumor. We hope to identify new biomarkers for predictive or predictive imaging as well as contribute to the development of AI algorithms that improve patient outcomes through improved personalized medicine..

Positron emission tomography / computed tomography (PET) scan is an essential tool for identifying disease. However, the process of distinguishing a tumor from normal absorption in PET / CT examinations for tumors is time consuming.. There is also a massive amount of quantitative data in these tests that is not currently captured and potentially important for determining a patient’s prognosis. Collection of this data will lead to more personalized patient care, including evaluation of response to treatment.

Aaron Nelson, M.. . Dr. , Medical Director of MIM Software Inc. This collaboration with the Peter McCallum Cancer Center will help develop a reproducible and effective method for quantifying FDG and Ga-68 PSMA PET lesions..

A chest X-ray of a patient with lung injury due to vaping. Image provided by the University of California Regents

1H-MR spectra of 3 consecutive patients with COVID-19. Top row: The axial FLAIR images at the level of the radiating corona show a representative of MRS voxels (black squares) from the periventricular regions sampled. Bottom row: corresponding spectrum (black) and LCM model (red) from each patient obtained at TE = 30 ms (top row) and TE = 288 ms (bottom row). A, a patient with multifocal leukopenia associated with COVID-19 shows incomplete diffuse lesions with WM with significantly increased Chu and decreased NAA, as well as elevated Lac. B, a patient with COVID-19 after a recent cardiac arrest of PEA with slight changes in severe white matter FLAIR also showing a high Cho / Cr and low NAA / Cr ratios. However, these abnormalities are less severe than in patient A.. There is no apparent height of lak. C, a patient with COVID-19 who does not have recent severe encephalopathy or hypoxia has a normal Cho / Cr, with a slight decrease in NAA / Cr and no elevated lactate. Chu, NAA Choline, N-Acetyl-Aspartate; MI, myo-inositol; Lac, Glx Lactate, Glutamate Glutamine. Image courtesy of AJNR

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World News – CA – MIM Software Inc. Announces its collaboration with the Peter McCallum Cancer Center to improve patient management
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MIM Software Inc. Announces Collaboration with Peter McCallum Cancer Center to Improve Patient Management

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