World News – CA – Jake Paul has recorded calling Covid a « joke » after claiming it was misquoted


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TEENAGER Jake Paul, who claimed he called Covid-19 a joke, was caught in an audio recording that named the virus exactly that.

Paul made the comments in an interview with Marlow Stern, an entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast, then tried to claim he was « misquoted ». « 

It looks like @ JakePaul’s team removed the SoundCloud link. Here is the tone of him in saying COVID was « a joke » and he compares it to the flu, which he didn’t say now. https: // t. co / SwYKcFtoZs picture. Twitter. com / yqJhRTJrqj

Stern had the evidence, however. He posted an audio recording of Paul commenting on the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

Paul, 23, can hear he believes « 100 percent » that the economy should reopen, despite Covid cases in the US rising alarmingly.

« There are people who are losing jobs, there are small businesses that go bankrupt, there are millions of people who are currently unemployed, » said Paul.

« People are turning to alcohol and drugs to deal with whatever goes on. This is the most damaging thing to our society.

« Covid cases are less than 1 percent and I think the disease is a joke, » he added.

When Stern asked YouTubers for clarification, stating that the virus had « about 260 so far this year. Killed 000 people, « Paul falsely claimed, » as did the flu. « 

In another interview with The Verge on Friday, Paul tried to come back to the allegations.

The YouTuber boxer did the press ahead of his boxing match on Saturday against former NBA star Nate Robinson.

« This reporter misquoted me, » claimed Paul. « He took what I said out of context and I told him that. « 

« It’s pretty annoying that someone with this power can just publish something that is wrong, » he later added.

However, the tape seems to suggest that the claims were not false after all, as was Paul’s previous conduct regarding Covid restrictions.

He got serious heat in the summer – even called out by the mayor of Calabasas, where he lives – for throwing a big party at his mansion in July.

The neighbors were furious after reporting that Paul held the party in the middle of the pandemic with many guests, few masks and no social distancing.

In response to this controversy, Paul claimed he would « not sit around and live his life ».

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World News – CA – Jake Paul has recorded calling Covid a « joke » after claiming it was misquoted been