World News – CA – Buckle Me Baby Coats on « Shark Tank »: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know


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Entrepreneur Dahlia Rizk, who came up with the idea for Buckle Me Baby Coats, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if she could get one of the investors investing in her baby coat company.

The entrepreneur presented her baby coat company Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner. The baby coats should be a safe alternative for children to stay warm in the car seat.

According to the episode synopsis, Rizk advises the sharks of a safety risk for children in winter. ”

Buckle Me Baby Coats are designed to be compatible with car seats as many children’s puff coats are unsafe to buckle up.

« Buckle Me Baby Coats were subjected to a crash test in an independent crash test facility of the university, in which they not only outperformed traditional puff coats, but were also tested similarly to no coat at all, » says the frequently asked questions of Website. « The coats have been rated by CPSTs who give them two thumbs up! »

According to a story by Rizk in Starter Story, she first started Buckle Me Baby Coats in 2017 after a photo of her nephew wearing the coat went viral.

She originally got the idea after learning that the traditional pouf coat is not safe to use in car seats because of the extra space the puffiness creates between the child and the seat belt.

While trying to stick to it to protect her children, she had a hard time and wanted to think of something better.

In order to use the Buckle Me Baby Coat properly, the child is placed with the coat on the car seat. Then the front panel is pulled to the side and the child can be buttoned as usual.

Then the front of the coat can be pulled aside by rolling or laid flat over the belt to keep the child warm while driving in the car.

To keep everything secure, the back of the coat is thinner than the front. Because of this, minimal extra space is created between the child and the seat belt so that, according to the website, it « works like your child is not wearing a coat at all! »

In her Starter Story, which she published in October 2019, Rizk said she took care of the marketing, design, production and shipping. At the time of her writing, the company had around 50 monthly sales. $ 000 and kept growing.

She said she had cleared a lot of hurdles in starting her business and was trying for the first time to find a manufacturer to work with to create the prototype. She originally had the coats made in New Jersey, but found them far too expensive and relocated production to China.

She also used Upwork to find a person to create a logo and a sourcing agent.

Rizk has a master’s degree in consulting that she was pursuing while trying to make a coat specifically for use with a car seat.

« By the time I graduated and started a private practice with several clinicians with a business partner, I started thinking about the coats, even though my children had outgrown by that stage, » she wrote.

Since then, Rizk has written that she has learned to trust her gut more than an expert, and that getting as much information as possible is important.

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World news – CA – Buckle up baby coats for me on “shark tank”: 5 quick facts you need to know



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