World news – Breaking: Special Advisor John Durham abruptly announces his resignation from the US attorney’s office


Special adviser John Durham, tasked with investigating the origins of the Russian collusion and electoral impairment probe, abruptly announced Friday that he would step down from the US attorney’s office.

« My career has been as fulfilling as I could ever have imagined when I graduated from law school in 1975, » Durham said in the statement.

While Durham is about to step down, he will reportedly continue his work investigating whether the FBI’s operation to expose Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was politically motivated. Former President Trump has alleged that the investigation, dubbed the Crossfire Hurricane, was an inappropriate and illegal abuse of power by former President Barack Obama to target his political opponents.

In October, Trump went so far as to say there was enough evidence to prove that Obama and Joe Biden, now the president, had used government power to illegally spy on his campaign.

« These people should be charged, this was the greatest political crime in our country’s history, and that includes Obama and Biden, » the former president told Fox News at the time.

Former US attorney general William Barr raised Durham’s status to special adviser in December in what has been viewed by many as an attempt to shield the investigation from interference by the Biden government.

Also in December, a Fox News report said the investigation was making « excellent progress » and adding additional prosecutors to its team.

« My love and respect for this office and the vital work that has been done here has never waned. It has been a tremendous honor to previously serve as a US attorney and prosecutor, and I will miss it dearly, » wrote Durham in his statement Friday.

Barr names John Durham as a special advisor in Russia

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