World news – BREAKING: Record disbursement of USD 440 million for flood victims in 2011


6500 victims of the devastating 2011 floods are due to be paid $ 440 million after two defendants reached an agreement this week.

The Queensland government and SunWater approved the record payout on Friday after a year-long class action lawsuit for negligent operation of the Wivenhoe and Somerset dams.

The development means that 50 percent of the claims have now been settled 10 years after the tragic event.

The dams authority will continue to appeal a 2019 NSW Supreme Court ruling that it failed to operate the dams properly or did not take into account rain projections when releasing water.

The Director of Maurice Blackburn, Rebecca Gilsenan, said the settlement followed a long and arduous legal battle over the flood victims.

« It has been ten years since the floods in Brisbane and Ipswich. So this settlement is a very welcome development that we hope will bring the much-needed closure to our customers who have endured significant uncertainty and frustration during the defendants’ struggle, ”Ms. Gilsenan said.

« Of course, a complete shutdown for our customers can only occur if Seqwater also settles down or Seqwater’s appeal is complete.

 » A class action lawsuit has resulted in thousands of flood victims to come together with the financial support of a litigation funder Get access to the justice system, « Gilsenan said.

« Without the class-action lawsuit mechanism, our clients would never have been able to pull a case of this magnitude to restore what they lost. »


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