World News – AU – Twitter revise review process through 2021


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If you’ve always been confused about who gets the blue check mark and who can keep it, you are not alone. Twitter’s somewhat controversial review process was pretty chaotic and was suspended three years ago. But now it looks like they’re going to revitalize and revamp the public scrutiny process and with the changes they will implement, hopefully settle the debate about that coveted blue tick once and for all.

Initially, Twitter was the one who determined which accounts were verified. However, this has been questioned as no criteria have been published. They then opened a public vetting process that required individuals, businesses and organizations to apply to receive the blue check mark and confirmation that they are « legitimate ». . But that too was pretty confusing as there weren’t any clear rules that applied to everyone, and even the punishment for having that blue check removed was pretty arbitrary.

Now they will restart the public review until early 2021. Before that, however, they are conducting a survey for users of the platform for feedback on how this review process should be carried out. They are also consulting with non-governmental organizations to get their point of view on the matter. The first thing they will change is the definition of different types of « Notable Accounts » that are eligible for this blue check mark. They will also develop new account types and labels, although details have not yet been given.

The new rules also include the automatic removal of the blue check mark for accounts that are inactive or have incomplete profiles. They didn’t mention whether the current rules on losing verified account status still apply, such as:. B.. regular violations of Twitter policies and so on. This shouldn’t change, of course, but there should be clearer rules on how you can lose that badge.

We’ll likely learn more about this revamped review process after they run the survey. However, if they are to be implemented in early 2021, we will likely know more in the next few weeks.

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World news – AU – Twitter is revising the verification process until 2021



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