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A year after she announced she was selling her old underwear for a quick buck, UK star Katie Price has shifted her focus to an even stranger deal.

Peter Andre’s ex-wife Katie Price is now officially bankrupt after running out of her $ 85 million fortune. Katie addresses the problem herself through her YouTube channel.

Katie Price was horrified when she pulled a lump of wax the size of her thumbnail from her ear.

The former glamor model, 42, sells ear candling devices that use a burning hollow candle to extract ear wax.

Katie said on her Instagram: « Hey guys, I have to show you something that is so unique. It’s an ear cleaner ear candle, you wait to see this, it really works.

“So ear candling is an ancient medical practice and they believe it will help your health and wellbeing. ”

Then the video shows her friend Carl lighting the end of the candle and having the other end in his ear.

Katie then extinguished the candle and untangled it to reveal a huge piece of ear wax that was removed from her ear.

While the star in the video showed the effect of the candle, ear candles were heavily criticized by doctors because of their dangerousness.

The American Academy of Audiology states that there is no scientific evidence that ear candles pull debris from the ear canal.

They also warn that the practice is dangerous, citing UK polls that reported ear injuries from candles such as burns, obstruction of the ear canal and perforated eardrum.

Katie has been promoting a number of products to her fans lately and has even stripped naked to show off her bath bombs.

The star will be selling $ 99 gift boxes of green mud soap in eco-friendly packaging in the new store.

The entrepreneur went live on her website and offered fans a variety of products with the slogan “Katie will treat you beautifully this Christmas”. .

She promises that her new products are « environmentally friendly » and will « love and protect » people’s skin.

She told fans, « My ‘Just Katie’ series comes with all of my love and personal input – a reflection of the woman I am today – the woman I always wanted to be – true beauty comes from inside with a little help from kindness from the outside “

“This line of products is designed to enhance, love, and protect what we see from the signs or the tired, dehydrated, stressed skin that our bodies go through in everyday life.

“The skin surface of our body and the well-being of souls should be loved and loved in return. Give yourself back and take the time to pause and let yourself be pampered.

“By being kind to the environment together, we can organically contribute to making this world a better place. ”

Last November, The Sun reported that Peter Andres’ ex was « officially bankrupt » after burning her $ 85 million fortune.

Katie, who was once the queen of reality television, reportedly blew up anything for plastic surgery, luxury vacations and extravagant gifts, plus $ 1. 9 million farms that didn’t produce half a liter of milk.

Now she faces the loss of her « Mucky Mansion » in West Sussex and has sold her old knickers to perverted fans to make money.

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World News – AU – Star’s gross new money-making
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