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Was a widely shared video of a recount employee in Atlanta, Georgia, definitive evidence of voter fraud in the aftermath of the 2020 US presidential election?

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In the aftermath of US Election Day 2020, amid widespread and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and allegations of electoral fraud, figures from US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign promoted content presented as evidence of electoral fraud in Fulton County, Georgia

On November 4, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, the president’s sons and top campaign surrogates, both promoted a video which its narrator said was definitive proof of “voter fraud.” The video original was tweeted by Austin Fletcher, a right-wing activist who uses the nickname « Fleccas »:

The 34-second video clip appears to show a vote counting employee, according to Fletcher, in « ATL » (Atlanta, GA), gesturing at his desk It is not known if the voice telling the video is the one from Fletcher, but the narrator says:

Wonder what’s going on here This dude has a seizure of something And then flips a ballot, then crumples it If it’s not voter fraud, I don’t know what it is is

While we have not yet been able to definitively determine whether this content is accurate or genuine, we have found that it exhibits certain traits that are often indicative of misinformation:

The presence of these features does not necessarily mean that the claim or the content is false, but it does mean that you should definitely be wary of sharing it online

The clip was taken from USA Today’s live YouTube video feed of ongoing counts in various states and effectively shows a counting officer in Atlanta, as shown in the following screenshot:

The worker in question appeared to have been quite expressive and engaged in a variety of posturing while doing his job, as shown in the following video:

While the narrator presented it as definitive evidence of voter fraud (« If this isn’t voter fraud, I don’t know what it is »), other eminently plausible explanations existed for the actions and non-verbal gestures of the counting clerk

Firstly, it is not possible to determine from the video that the piece of paper crumpled by the counting clerk was a ballot

Second, the narrator’s suggestion is that the count worker expressed anger or frustration in the video, and it was related to his personal political views and came in response to the content of one or more multiple ballots (i.e. the chosen candidate in some ballots) This too cannot be determined by watching the video

For example, if the worker was expressing frustration (which is not clear from the video), it could well have been related to performing a specific task, rather than a politically motivated response That is, he may have lost a tally, for example, or he may have realized he had more ballots to check or count than he originally assumed. , or a number of potential, apolitical and harmless causes of frustration or dismay

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