World news – AU – Rick Ocasek’s eldest son describes late musician as ‘dead father’


Publish date: 22:06 GMT, 10 November 2020 | Updated: 23:17 GMT, November 10, 2020

Rick Okasek’s eldest son, Chris Utasek, described his late father as a « narcissist » who « never existed, » saying that he had not heard from a rock player throughout most of his childhood until his band The Cars became famous.

The 56-year-old video game artist, who uses the original spelling of the surname, has publicly accused his father of being a « dead father » and is noticeably absent from his life long before his death

Chris told Page Six: “My father died in essence the day I was born.” He was never present, never was there even when he was, he was never there and this is the abandonment that I am referring to

Frank: Rick Ocasek’s eldest son, Chris Otasek (pictured in 2014), accused his late father of being a « narcissist » and not a « narcissist » when he was growing up

Appearing in Public: On the one year anniversary of his death, Chris shared a picture of himself and his brother Adam with their father, writing: « You don’t exist, we don’t either. »

Rick died of natural causes in the Manhattan home he shared with his estranged wife Paulina Porizkova on September 15, 2019, at the age of 75, leaving behind six children – two from each of his three marriages

On the first anniversary of his death, Chris shared a picture of himself and his brother Adam with their father, writing: « You don’t exist. We didn’t do that either. »

Chris told Page Six that his dad was absent most of his childhood and he didn’t start communicating until The Cars started hitting her hard

“Maybe there was a touch of guilt, but I also think he wanted to say he became famous and I think this is one of the more universal things in that he was just a narcissist,” he explained, admitting that he felt their relationship was “shallow”

« Hall of Shame »: Chris ended the post with a number of hashtags, including #myfatherdiedtwice, #deserted, and #deadbeatdad

He said they only saw each other once a year, but they called each other on the phone to keep in touch. Chris admitted that it was hard to see his father’s band on MTV as a teenager, especially since he’s very similar to him

‘There were so many preconceptions when going back in time, I wish I was protected a little more than that, “I didn’t want to remember every 15 seconds that I hadn’t had my parents in my life it was tough”

Chris and his brother Adam, 50, had been Rick’s children since his first marriage to Constance Campbell. The rocker divorced her in 1971 when she was six months pregnant with Adam. Later that year, he married his second wife, Susan, and had children with Iron, 47, Derek, 39 years old

Rick met his third wife, Czech-born model Paulina Porizkova, while filming the music video for The Cars’ Drive in 1984 He was 40 years old at the time, when she was only 18 years old

In an Instagram post from September, Paulina alluded to her late husband cheating on his second wife with her, writing: «  I realize now that our love began with betrayal

Feeling guilty? Chris said his father was absent most of his childhood and did not begin communicating until his band, The Cars, began to have a huge success.The band was filmed in 1978

Looking back: Rick met his third wife, model Polina Porizkova, while filming the music video for The Cars’s Drive in 1984 He had six children, two from each of his three marriages

Rick married Paulina in 1989, a year after his divorce from Susan, they had two sons together, Jonathan, 27, and Oliver, 22

‘He didn’t have that kind of conscience to keep him on the ground, so he kept moving forward and always went to the next thing even if it meant giving up or neglecting the kids that was fine with him Chris said: I don’t think he thought much about it

For a year or two, Rick’s eldest son lived several blocks away from him, but Chris indicated that they only saw each other once or so. He made the decision to move to Los Angeles to get as far away as possible from his father.

After Rick’s death, it is revealed that only Chris and his brother Adam are excluded from his will as he severed his estranged wife Paulina, claiming that she had « abandoned him »

They were married for three decades before they quietly separated in 2017 and yet, he was not yet done with their divorce when he passed away last year.

Family: Rick and Polina, who had two sons Jonathan and Oliver during their marriage, quietly separated in 2017, but had yet to finalize their divorce upon his death

Hard to deal with: Rick cut Paulina out of his control, saying she had « abandoned him. » Chris and Adam were the only ones of his six children left without supplies

The famous singer said in his will, according to PageSix: “I have not made any allowances for my wife Polina Porizkova (“ Paulina ”) because we are in the process of divorce.

The Sports Illustrated star opened up about the betrayal on Instagram last week, saying she feels « an equal amount of heartbreak and anger » while grieving him

The couple separated and divorced when he passed away, but since they were not legally divorced, Polina, as his widow, may be entitled under New York law to a « voluntary share » of his estate

Rick specifically addressed the rule in his will, saying, “Even if I die before our divorce is final Polina is not entitled to any optional share Because she abandoned me

However, unless proven in court that she abandoned it, it will likely have the right to a third of the musician’s assets, which were listed as $ 5 million in « copyright », and 100$ 000 in ‘Physical Person’ and $ 15,000 in Cash

Paulina has been candid about her grief since the death of her estranged husband, admitting that she feels « a similar amount of sadness and anger » while grieving

For the past few weeks, she’s been talking about her struggles with depression and anxiety on Instagram since she moved out of the Manhattan home she shared with Rick for three decades

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World News – AU – Rick Okasek’s elder son describes the late musician as « a dead father »



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