World News – AU – Lions fans win free Bud Light thanks to Matt Prater


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The Detroit Lions didn’t have the season anyone wanted on the football field, but despite all the negative results in a 5-in-11. Season there was a ray of sunshine in the form of free beer.

Detroit got free beer thanks to kicker Matt Prater, who scored the long field goal against Brandon McManus this season. Prater had a long 59-yard kick against the Washington Football team earlier this season, and that was just enough to oust McManus, who hit a 58-yarder this season so as to barely lose the competition.

Bud Light proved they actually hadn’t forgotten, with a timely tweet on Sunday night acknowledging the achievement and promising free beer for Motor City.

No matter how things ended, it’s nice to see the Lions come out at the end of a season.

Prater was very excited about the beer situation after the game, gave Detroit a greeting and toasted the city on the achievement with a Bud Light. He wrote on Twitter that free beer was certainly a solid accomplishment during the frustrating season. For this purpose the kicker is just right.

Detroit I know we didn’t have the season we wanted, but we got you some bud lights. @budlight @PatMcAfeeShow picture. Twitter. com / c7XHx7Yop3

At times the Prater was anything but constant this season and in 2020 only combined 20 of 27 kicks with a conversion rate of 74%. He also only connected 36 out of 38 extra points and missed a pair in week 17. That’s lower than its normal percentages. Still, Prater was good overall, struck four kicks from 50 yards or more this season and won the extra point against the Atlanta Falcons earlier this year.

If fans were particularly nervous and wanted the Prater to hit from afar for the rest of the year, there are good reasons. This season, Prater and Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus is faced with the promise of free Bud Light beer on the line. If the Prater gets the longest hit, Detroit will redeem free beer. If McManus does the job, Denver receives the award.

Screw the record. @thekidmcmanus vs. . @ MattPrater_5. Whoever scores the longest field goal this season will get Bud Light for their city from us. https: // t. co / XjOhhVAKGi

We thank the Pat McAfee Show for putting this whole thing up and running. The original offer was free beer to Denver when McManus broke Prater’s record for a 64-yard field goal as the longest in NFL history, but as McAfee said, Prater needed his chance to respond as he is the current record holder. The show had originally suggested Coors Light offer Detroit free beer when the Lions got into the playoffs, but this friendly competition helped Bud Light spice things up even more.

Whoever had the edge seemed to be McManus, as he has the thin air of the Rockies to help him and his strong leg, and Prater has already used this to his advantage in his career. However, Prater kicks most games in a dome, which can allow for additional length and consistency. That helped him win when all was said and done.

The Lions didn’t have a solid year, but Detroit won thanks to Prater Free Beer. That itself is worth roasting.

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World News – AU – Lions fans win thanks to Matt Prater
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