World News – AU – « Hurt » Stevenson criticizes the windfall trade


Former-Magpie, now Kangaroo Jayden Stephenson has emptied his former coach Nathan Buckley, saying he was « pained » to be told he no longer wants

Stephenson, who was traded today alongside teammate Atto Businavolage to North Melbourne, revealed that he was shocked when his name debuted last week

“Two days before the trading period, my boss mentioned that I might be trading. He said on the SEN network:“ It was a shock at that time ”

“I didn’t hear anything from the club so I called (coach Nathan Buckley) Pax myself to see what was going on and he pretty much said, ‘Find a deal’”

“That phone call I had with the Bucks was the only time I had spoken to anyone in the Collingwood hierarchy”

“Obviously I was very happy playing Collingwood I enjoyed being there so telling me a way you don’t want it hurts,” he said

“I feel bad for all the kids who wear the # 1 shirt but I hope to have a small place in their hearts, because they will always hold a place in my heart”

The 21-year-old admits he struggled to find his best in 2020 as he grappled with glandular fever and the life-centric demands of life

“Being in the center I felt there was no liberation from football and it probably got into my head a little bit,” he said

“Pax said I wasn’t opening up to the group enough which I really didn’t agree with. He also said there were some things he didn’t like as a soccer player, and that’s fair enough because I haven’t had a great year.

« I wouldn’t say pee (Buckley’s cold), I was a little shocked This is probably the best word to use

« He also said he saw some issues he didn’t like about the soccer player and that might be totally fair. It was a challenging year.

« If you’re going to judge me for a year, that’s their problem – not mine. I work hard to prove people wrong

« It was a whirlwind of a week I’m not really sure how this happened, but I’m grateful for the opportunity North Melbourne gave me »

The Pies also ditched a choice 39 versus picks 26 and 33 (both from Melbourne in Ben Brown’s previous deal) and a future fourth round

North Melbourne is believed to match Stephenson’s current wage at Collingwood in a five-year deal, valued at $ 2.5 million

Stevenson, the rising star of 2018, has played 54 games for Pancakes since he picked it up with a choice of six in the 2017 NFL Draft

« Jaidyn entered the competition and had an immediate effect, which is tough, » said Glen Love, Director of North List.

“Jaidyn has an explosive and exciting style in the game who can be very dangerous Attacker 50 but he can also influence through midfield which is really important to us

« It matches what we’re building here at Arden St and will add an extra sparkle to our game

“We firmly believe that he will grow further within our program and be a really important player for us in the future”

The 21-year-old has suffered three tumultuous seasons at Collingwood, having suffered a 10-match betting ban on Pie Games in 2019

He then suffered from an ongoing gland fever battle in 2020, which left him with just 14 matches

Meanwhile, Fiji Bosnavolaji has only played three matches for the Pancakes Team after being selected 77 in the 2018 Draft

“Atu’s speed and power will benefit us in the front half of the Earth,” Luv said

« He comes from a rugby background so he is strong at handling the ball and has a lot of pressure to intervene

“We see Atu in our attack line and think his best football is ahead of him”

Stevenson’s cancellation deal is expected to free up salary cap space for pies, which could result in superstar Adam Trailwar staying at the club

Collingwood List Manager Ned Jay said the decision to trade in Stevenson and Businavolage was made with a look to the future

« We believe this year’s draft represents an opportunity to bring in some key talent in the program and he said this deal improves our ability to do so.

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World News – Confederation – « Hurt » Stevenson criticizes the sudden trade



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