World News – AU – [Guide] ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2 Season 5: Collect Maple Syrup Buckets in Weeping Forests (three locations)


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As the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4 recently ended when Marvel heroes and « Fortnite » players waged war on the world – devouring villain Galactus. Even though the team defeated Galactus, the war did a lot of damage as one endpoint was consumed and caused the loop.

In « Fortnite », Chapter 2, Season 5, the best hunters in the galaxy make sure no one escapes. The new season brings with it some changes and new quests to help players achieve success in Battle Pass levels. A quest sends players on a quick challenge to collect buckets of maple syrup that can be found in Weeping Woods.

According to DoteSports, players can easily get lost in it as the location is a jungle. As a result, it can be a little tricky to find all three buckets of maple syrup. However, this guide can be helpful. You can find all three maple syrup buckets in Weeping Woods here.

There are three maple syrup buckets that « Fortnite » players need to find in order to earn XP and make some progress in collecting the new Seasonal Battle Pass. Game Rant suggests players head to Weeping Woods first. It’s located to the southwest of the center of the map, and players can easily find it on the map since it’s a named location. You can start looking for the buckets of maple syrup once they reach the area.

Go to the top left corner of the Weeping Woods map. The bucket is next to a huge tree near the wooden hut. Go over to it and take it up with the interaction hotkey.

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Go to the other side of the map, the top right corner of the Weeping Forest. This is near the desert where the bucket is next to a tree on top of a hill.

Travel to central Weeping Woods for the third and final bucket of maple syrup. The letter G in Weeping Woods indicates that it is a few feet down next to a tree.

After receiving all three buckets of maple syrup, you will see a popup of mancake offering a reward of 10. 000 XP offers. However, since players need to cover a long range to complete this quest, we recommend looting or landing on a vehicle to get to the locations quickly during a single game.

Players should note that the Weeping Forest isn’t the only challenge that maple syrup is involved in. Another quick challenge prompts players to collect a stash of the sticky maple syrup from Hunter’s Haven.

However, the challenge is currently in rotation so some players may not be able to play it right now. However, this would be a subject of another guide designed to help players access it and earn XP as a reward.

In the meantime, here’s a video of where to collect buckets of maple syrup in Weeping Woods:

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World News – AU – [Guide] ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2 Season 5: Collect Maple Syrup Buckets in Weeping Forests (three locations)



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