World News – AU – Greens to win two seats in QLD parliament


Greens are set to claim at least two seats in Queensland parliament after ousting former Labor Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad from south Brisbane

Greens candidate Amy MacMahon took the win on Saturday night, with a statewide primary vote of just under 10% for her party as the tally continues

« The Greens have launched this really positive vision for the future of Queensland, where we can use the state’s enormous wealth to fully fund our essential services, » she told ABC TV. p>

« Every day the people of Queensland responded as you can see We are thrilled with this opportunity to fight for the everyday Queenslanders »

Green policies include 100% clean public energy and the construction of 100,000 public houses

« This (result) ends the message to the political establishment that the days when mining companies are able to dictate to our political system who gets what is completely over, » Ms. MacMahon said.

Senior Labor MP Steven Miles, who served as Deputy Prime Minister after Ms Trad resigned amid controversy, called Saturday’s result a « sad result for Jackie »

The Greens had only one voice in the former Queensland parliament, that of Michael Berkman in the seat of Maiwar

He held 42% of the preliminary progressive votes, ahead of LNP challenger Lauren Day on Saturday night

Labor Senator Anthony Chisholm noted a general tendency for young voters to leave town and increase Green votes in the suburbs

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World News – AU – Greens will win two seats in the QLD parliament