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Ex-NRL star Jarryd Hayne said he knows the woman who accused him of sexual assault « didn’t want to have sex » but denies imposing himself on her or any wrongdoing.

The former Parramatta and NSW full-back broke his two-year silence on the matter on Friday when he testified in Newcastle District Court, claiming the woman never told him to stop or say no.

Mr Hayne commented after pleading not guilty to two incidents of sexual intercourse without consent, compounded by the reckless causation of actual assault.

The 32-year-old was accused of showing up drunk at the woman’s home in Fletcher, on the outskirts of Newcastle, that she shared with her mother before allegedly engaging in oral and digital sex without her consent.

The woman previously informed the court that she was bleeding profusely and in considerable pain after the encounter.

For the first time, Mr. Hayne responded to the allegations, telling the jury that all acts were consensual and that he accidentally bleed her when he scratched her fingernail during digital sex.

Following the alleged incident, Mr Hayne alleged that he told the woman to see a doctor if she was injured the next day before he got off in a taxi that drove him back to Sydney.

The two had a social media conversation a few weeks later in which she said she was « definitely not okay with the damage that night ». .

When asked by his attorney Phillip Boulten SC how he was feeling at the time, Mr. Hayne replied, « I was angry. I could see she was trying to start something that was wrong. «  »

When asked about the news on the witness stand on Friday afternoon, Mr. Hayne said, « It kind of speaks for itself. It was sharp, it was open. «  »

The alleged attack occurred on Jan.. September when Hayne was in Newcastle for a two-day buck party for his former teammate Wes Faii Test Wes Naiqama.

He had a brief phone conversation with the woman early Sunday evening saying he had gone back to Sydney but said he would stop by her house. ONE

When asked about his intentions at the time, Mr. Hayne said, « It was in the air, at best I would have sex with her, at worst, I would just be introduced and that was it. «  »

He arranged for a $ 550 taxi to be paid to take him back to Sydney, but directed the driver to take him to the woman’s house and told the driver he had to pick up his bags.

Although he had never met the woman, he arrived with a four-pack of vodka cruisers and at the time described himself as « five or six » on a drunkenness scale.

However, he described the encounter as « awkward » after her mother opened the door and led him into the woman’s room.

He said he tried to woo her by singing along to an Ed Sheeran song on YouTube. However, they were interrupted by the taxi driver knocking on the front door.

He returned a short time later but soon left when he found the grand finale was over and went into the lounge to watch the game with the woman’s mother, who he said, « Go the roosters. «  »

« I had the chance to sign with the Roosters in 2016 . . . Those thoughts of it could have made me win the competition. It shouldn’t be, « said Mr. Hayne the court.

Mr. Hayne said, « I knew she didn’t want sex, I just wanted to please her. «  »

He said he started having oral sex with the woman and despite her allegations on the witness stand earlier this week that she asked him to stop, Mr Hayne said she was « breathing hard » and apparently enjoying it.

However, he said he was soon shocked when she started bleeding, and he quickly rushed to the bathroom to wash up.

« I felt the feeling of another liquid on my lip – it was like a shock, I jumped up, » said Mr. Hayne the court.

After complaining of a stinging sensation, he told her to see a doctor the next day before driving back to Sydney in a taxi.

The court heard that the woman, who cannot be identified, died on Jan.. First contacted the police on November 11th and detectives tapped Mr Hayne’s phone five days later.

One in five calls to the judges on Friday morning heard Mr Hayne telling Newcastle Knights center-back Mitchell Pearce that the woman was from « Newie » and that « some of your boys may know her, brother ». .

Mr. Hayne told his former Origin teammate that the woman « sent me all these nude snaps, brother ». .

During the call on Jan.. On November 11th, Mr. Hayne described the woman as a « full blown lunatic » and that she was « damn dirty » because he ran a taxi in front of the door.

You could hear Mr.. Hayne Mr.. Pearce said that « my fingernail must have just cut her off » while she was performing a sexual act on her.

« Yeah, yeah, no, I talked to my lawyer and stuff. Oh buddy, I’ll have them defamed easily, « replied Mr. Hayne.

HAYNE: Yeah. Ask, you know what, ask your boys if you – there are a couple of your boys you might know, brother. F ** kin ‘. . .

PEARCE: (name of woman. ) I’ll ask the guys. What, did you put it on her on Instagram and she came out or did you connect with her?

HAYNE: No.. She just sent me all these, all these nude snaps, brother, on Snapchat and this lack. . .

HAYNE: . . . (Stutter) wants to connect, connect; said « yes, yes ». Then I was in Newie, I thought, oh I’ll stop by on my way home. So I did that and then it was dirty because the taxi was in front. I said, « Well, buddy, I’ll only be here for a short time you know (laughs). « Just her . . . ?

HAYNE: Shaky. And then it went – as if I had seen a bit of the grand finale with her old girl. (Laughs)

HAYNE: Come on, come back and we were just playing around and she may, she may bleed a little. It was strange.

HAYNE: Then then she just came out. I said, « Listen, no, you are cute. « I said, » F ** kin my like my fingernail must have cut you off, that’s all. « There was . . . ?

HAYNE: . . . nothing important. It was just a little. Flogged all the way. Said, « No, no, it’s cute, cute. « So we saw a little, uh, a little bit like, uh, like fucking music videos and stuff. I said, « Oh, OK, I’d better go now, » rah-rah-rah. And then it was just as dirty that I left it there. (Laughs) I thought what the hell?

HAYNE: Yes, brother. Just today she tried to say that I was aggressive and she said, « No, no, no. « I’m like, nate, f ** k, I didn’t take my pants off. Like what the fuck?

HAYNE: Yeah, yeah, no, I talked to my lawyer and stuff. Oh buddy, I’ll, I’ll let them be easily defamed. As . . . ?

HAYNE: Bro. Mature – like the next, the next day, when she tried to send a message, send a message to me, you know, « I’m in the park, this one. « I go » buddy damn « . . . ?

HAYNE: I’m alone in a park. I don’t feel safe. « I’m like (laughs) what the hell?

HAYNE: Oy brother, I have to go brother. My lawyer calls me. I have to go.

PEARCE: Yeah, when will you next be in Newie, brother? We’ll catch up. When are you there


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World News – AU – « Fuming » ????: Hayne « ???? s answer on the woman’s text



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