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It’s been an intense three weeks for Andy Dalton, who returns under the midfield for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

First, he suffered a concussion after an illegal injury to Washington backer John Postich. Then, COVID-19 wiped out the Dalton family.

The veteran caller said he doesn’t remember everything that happened after the big hit, but the entire coronavirus experience stuck with him..

Dalton said via ESPN: « The COVID virus hit me very hard on the first day I got infected, then gradually started to feel better. ». “By the end of it, I was ready to get out of the quarantine and back here.

Concussion, then COVID-19 resulted in Dalton knocking out two matches Goodbye to Cowboys Week. He’s back on the training field this week as he prepares for a Sunday start against the Vikings.

QB added that he was still trying to restore smell and taste.

Dalton said, « It was three weeks crazy for me, but I’m happy to be on the other side of it. ». “I’m happy to be back with everyone and during those three weeks.

Dalton is not sure how he contracted the virus and added that his wife and one of his children have also tested positive.. The 33-year-old said everyone in the family was « healthy and back to normal. ».

« It was a little disappointing, » Dalton said.. “You miss one match because of a concussion, the first time you deal with that, then COVID. It’s like, everything hit once. I wish to be there. I wish I had played the two games I missed.

Losers from four in a row, the Cowboys sit at 2-7, but at heartbreaking NFC East, they weren’t knocked out of the race.

Dalton said: « Everything is in front of us. ». « That’s the crazy thing about how this season is going. We feel we have chances in some matches. All of these things do not matter at this point. Now we have to move on. We have to think about these next seven games, and that’s all of our focus – what we have in front of us.

The Cowboys need to play QB better than they have gotten since Dak Prescott suffered a horrific ankle injury, and they need it in a hurry. After New England Patriots midfielder Cam Newton returned after contracting COVID-19, he admitted it took a few weeks to get back into the swing.. Dallas needs Dalton to jump again and lead a winning streak if poor hopes of winning the division survive..

Sean Payton is finally ready to give the man he compares to Steve Young a test drive at the start of QB Sunday against the Falcons.
Ian Rapoport reports that Saints are expected to start Taysom Hill on Sunday after giving junior actors in practice this week.

The Raiders’ Defense Coordinator, Paul Guenther, is challenged by his team’s willingness to play with high-potential leaders despite many of his players making it to the Reserve / COVID-19 roster..

The Cleveland Browns will play without Miles Jarrett Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.
The team officially placed Garrett on their COVID-19 / Reserve list Friday.

When Seahawks General Manager John Schneider makes the deal to import traffic hasty Carlos Dunlap from Cincinnati, GM likely envisioned an end-game scenario that occurred in Thursday night’s win.

Seattle Seahawks Greg Olsen has suffered a torn plantar fascia, an injury that will keep him on the sidelines for two months or so, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

The Cardinals collected 10 flags for 115 yards. It was the biggest penalty arena for the Arizona team since 2016. The Cardinals lead the NFL with 79 penalties.

Shifts, defensive mistakes, and a lack of reliable running game have been Seattle’s focus points in recent weeks. In Thursday night’s victory 28-21 over the Cardinals, not all three were issues, and this allowed Russell Wilson to return to playing his game. .

Hopes for a comeback from Keeler Murray and Arizona came too far within Carlos Dunlap’s grasp as the new takeover clinched a 28-21 win for Russell Wilson and Seahawks on Thursday..

After training on Thursday, Joey Bossa, who missed the last two matches due to a concussion, expressed his frustration at the shipper being unable to force the team to transforms so far this season. .

The Patriots QP Cam Newton admitted to reporters that his return from the Coronavirus left him feeling « sluggish », as he lagged behind because he was unable to be with the team, and less able to train or play.

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World News – Australia – Cowboys QB Andy Dalton: COVID-19 « hit me hard »
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