World News – AU – Cowboys at Vikings Score: Andy Dalton outlives Kirk Cousins ​​with the help of an upgraded defense and CeeDee Lamb


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For the third year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys launched what looked like a real NFL team, which the Minnesota Vikings probably didn’t expect from a 2-7 club. It resulted in the latter dropping a home hit in 31-28 minutes to end the Vikings’ three-game winning streak. In contrast, the Cowboys ended one loss in four games and now have the same number of wins (3) as the other three teams in NFC East.

After the Cowboys failed to take action on their first offensive ride, the resurrected Cowboys Defense came home and forced a fumble that resulted in a touchdown from Ezekiel Elliott – a rarity for landing a snack and then scoring points as well away from it – but they’d miss the extra point. That stopped them at six points, and allowed Cousins ​​to recover from his mistake in giving the Vikings the lead in late second quarter, but not for long.

Dalton has teamed up with CeeDee Lamb for a stunning touchdown catch that is easily some of the best you’ve seen in 2020. And with that, it was the Cowboys who regained the lead in a bar fight between two NFC teams going in opposite directions – in a game that saw six leadership changes take place before the Cowboys finally got another much-needed defensive stop after relegating the field to hit it in less than two minutes to play in regulation. For much of the second half, the Cowboys Defense had no answer for the Vikings, but when they needed it most, they found one.

From Ezekiel Elliott as the steady hand (21 porters, 103 yards, 1 TD) to safety Donovan Wilson stepping on stage (two forced fiddling, 0). 5 sack, nine combined tackles), there’s a lot to smile about for the cowboys when they finally get back to the winnings column.

Allow me to add context to this sentence, if you will. It would have been easy for the cowboys, who sat between 2 and 7 in the year, just to lie down and call it a day after half time after seeing Cook get a tear which was then fired by Thielen, but she did Not. Their 16-7 lead at halftime was long gone and after failing to score in the third quarter they could have thrown in the towel but they didn’t. They could have ended it again after watching Thielen torch their secondary school while watching Jefferson play through a touchdown over Anthony Brown in less than 10 minutes to end a regular 75-yard five-game drive gave the Vikings a 28-24 tour, but – tell me – they didn’t.

Instead, their gassed defense unit built up the energy and intestinal strength to hit key defensive stops, and gave Dalton and the Offensive the opportunity to regain the lead in a roller coaster competition that saw a total of six changes in leadership before all was said and done. With Dalton finding a close end for Dalton Schultz to take the lead again and with more than one time out less than two minutes to go to the end of the Vikings, everyone expected the Cowboys defenses to falter on the final drive and the defeat would get out of the way jaws of victory.

It sure feels like no matter what the Vikings say publicly, they went out into the field and stared at the cowboys record, not an NFL team they could defeat on their own field. Kirk Cousins ​​and the offense were flat like a punctured tire in the first half and couldn’t get anything going on the ground or in the air. They’d score on their second run of the game, yes, but that was only after cousins ​​saw Donovan Wilson – who had a breakout game with two forced fumbles that day – lose a fumble on a sack first cowboys touchdown of the day. Cook’s short TD sprint allowed them to compete against the Cowboys, but an interception by Dalton resulted in zero points and ultimately the Vikings got nothing more than the lone touchdown before heading to the locker room at halftime.

They’d fired a big shot on the game’s first offensive drive, but finished the third session with just seven points, and it felt like they should have had more – given the aggressiveness of the momentum, moved and through in their favor interrupted Thielen’s outstanding one-handed TD grip. But in the fourth quarter, when Tony Pollard ran back and answered Thielen’s second touchdown with a 42-yard strike against the Minnesota defense, the Cowboys immediately regained both the lead and momentum.

Suddenly it was the Vikings Defense that looked gassed, and the Cowboys looked reborn – on either side of the ball – sending Minnesota on a three-game and week 12 winning streak, wondering if they were Dallas serious enough took this game.

At one point in the second half, you felt that this game was quickly tipping away from the cowboys and towards a seemingly inevitable victory for the Vikings. Dallas scored no points in the third quarter and needed something to unleash their dying chances after seeing Cook, Thielen and Jefferson on the verge of the rampage.

Tony Pollard goes 42 YARDS to take the lead! # DallasCowboys📺: #DALvsMIN on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // t. co / tUoK0wsA9N image. Twitter. com / l6lX9Gxidn

« Wow. The Cowboys Defense stops at their biggest pitch so far this season, keeping the Vikings at FOUR yards to win the soccer game. Incredible. « – Mike Leslie of WFAA Channel 8 Dallas

The Cowboys will now compete against the Washington Football Team on Thanksgiving to retake first place on the NFC East as the Vikings prepare to house the seedy Carolina Panthers.

In their most impressive all-round performance of the year, the #DallasCowboys outlast the Vikings 31-28 # DALvsMIN Game Recap @bswhealth ⬇️

COWBOYS OT presented by @TexasLottery: Hear from Coach McCarthy and #DallasCowboys’ changing room after #DALvsMIN https: // t. co / HDU4tlfa2x

Andy Dalton threw three touchdown passes in today’s game – a season high – and for the 25th. Three or more touchdowns in his career.

Anthony Brown is questionable if he can return with a rib injury. So now it’s up to a tired (and already bad) Dallas Secondary to stop Kirk Cousins.

Nice job from Schultz for doing this CRISP route. Fake the outside to force the defender to sign up prematurely and then break inside and across.

With all the talk about the Cowboys Defense, which had big problems in the second half, the Viking Defense wasn’t exactly over either. Dallas is in a position to potentially score and take the lead again two minutes before the end of regular time. What happens to limit that drive can determine the outcome of the game.

Holmes is now on the sidelines on his own, but it is unclear if he will return.

Holmes is dejected and writhing in pain as he grabs his shoulder. Be cared for by Viking medical staff.

Plenty of time for the Cowboys to build a long ride (which they haven’t done yet) and take back the lead – that would be the sixth leadership change in the game – but it won’t be easy. Given the way their defense is gassed, a quick touchdown wouldn’t actually be in their favor. The points would, but not if the result is Cook and Co.. back on the field with three time outs.

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World News – AU – Cowboys on Vikings Score: Andy Dalton outlives Kirk Cousins ​​with the help of an upgraded defense and CeeDee Lamb
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