World News – AU – Colleagues millionaires who own pubs in Sydney slam self-employed workers


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Posted: 07:45 GMT, 22. November 2020 | Updated: 09:45 GMT, 22. November 2020

Two millionaire hospitality gurus have launched an extraordinary attack on « whining » and « self-sufficient » young workers for making it « almost impossible » to run a business.

Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham, founders of Mary’s Group, which includes Sydney’s iconic Lansdowne and Unicorn hotels, used their podcast, The Fat, to target “lazy” employees who never endured the era of abusive bosses in the early 2000s.

Mr Smyth, who started working at McDonald’s when he was 14, said the industry overcorrected the « bad old days » when managers yelled at kitchen and bar staff.

He said the treatment of younger employees over the past few decades has left workers with no perspective and needs a reality check.

Hospitality gurus Kenny Graham and Jake Smyth believe that many young workers in the industry today do not have the same work ethic that they used to succeed

‘It is almost impossible to run a business now without offending someone. It’s almost impossible to have a life without offending someone, ”said Mr.. Smyth, according to the Sun Herald.

‘You see it so clearly in this culture break-off behavior that now seems to be getting some kind of kickback, thank you f ***. I think COVID has given life a perspective to some extent. ‘

He and Mr. Graham emphasized that only a small minority of their employees are « self-sufficient little f *** s » and the vast majority are « hard working beasts ». .

The couple also claimed the emphasis on work-life balance also contributed to the problem, giving employees a misconception of what this means.

The founders of Mary’s Group, who own Sydney’s iconic Lansdowne Hotel (pictured), urged young hotel professionals to make better use of their downtime and days off.

‘The luxury I got as a kid was that you could choose what you wanted to be. That was what my parents and grandparents wanted to give me. I thought the whole idea is trying to find a damn job that you love and that is your work-life balance, « added Smyth.

The couple encouraged young hospitality workers to use their downtime and days off wisely rather than getting “pounded” and glued to their phones and social media.

‘Don’t reply to the message in the WhatsApp group or check your emails. Stay away from Instagram. In fact, treat your two days like you’re on vacation. ‘

Mr Smyth stands by his comments on the podcast, believing employees use mental health as an excuse too often.

«. It shows up in poor work ethic, being late, drinking too much, and poor job performance in general, ”he told the Sun Herald.

‘There seems to have been an explosion of blaming your own lack of ambition or inability to disconnect from social media at work rather than branding it for what it is, what you don’t think is damned taking responsibility for your own agency and your own position in life, ”added Smyth.

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World News – AU – Colleagues millionaires who own pubs in Sydney beat up « self-sufficient » workers
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