World News – AU – Claims brutal Collingwood’s wife after her messy split from Adam Trailwar


The Collingwood List Manager suggested that Collingwood would never have considered trading Adam Trailwar if his wife had not signed up to play netball in Queensland

Fans and former players are furious after pancakes empty four players, led by midfielder Trellwar, in the final hours of the NFL trading session on Thursday

Treloar’s move to Western Bulldogs came after weeks of speculation about his future, which was sparked by his wife Kim Ravaillion’s decision to sign with Queensland Firebirds for the next year

Ravaillion, an elite netball player representing Australian Diamonds, previously played for Collingwood at Super Netball but dropped out of the 2020 season due to the birth of the couple’s daughter, Georgie

On Thursday night, Collingwood’s list manager, Ned Jay, admitted that Trailwar might still be at the club if Raffillion were staying in Victoria.

« We had some conversations with Adam and (director) Tim (Hazel) originally about whether his family was going to move to Queensland and whether he wanted to do that and it evolved from having that conversation until he thought it would look like another opportunity, » he told Jay Fox Footy

When asked if Collingwood would consider trading Treloar if Ravaillion continues her career in Victoria, Jay said: “That was the catalyst for the discussion. We weren’t looking to have that discussion. You wouldn’t have evolved from that, I wouldn’t have thought, no « 

Treloar landed in Western Bulldogs after his deal was processed on Thursday night’s deadline

The 27-year-old joined wingman Tom Phillips (Hawthorn), Jaden Stephenson and young three-game owner Ato Bosnavolage (both from North Melbourne) in the exit from Collingwood

The issues of Magpies’ salary cap are well known, with a large number of players on lucrative long-term contracts

However, Jay denied that this was the reason why three of the 22 best players to choose from were disqualified.

Collingwood has played the Finals for three years in a row and lost the Grand Final 2018 with five points

« I don’t think it’s a quick sell at all » I think we want to renew the list, « said Jay

« To get to the first round (from the draft) you have to let go of something

“I think it’s kind of a hitting, salary cap issues. I think it’s a topical topic and people like to talk about it”

But the big club fans’ army is pissed off at the exodus and are not buying excuses to lose the players all contracted next year

I’m a Collingwood supporter and adore Adam Trailwar, but I think it’s better if it’s officially traded, because it’s not worth the disrespect that CollingwoodFC has shown to his disgusting behavior by Collingwood, you should all be ashamed

What a disgrace to the club telling Trailwar that they want him out and then telling Stevenson they want him out, meanwhile Digguis sits in the wings without a signature and plays with his thumb?

This is an absolute disgrace, as we also traded Aish on selling a fire last year and now Treloar, Stephenson, and Phillips to pick 14 you really can’t expect pie proponents to see this level of mismanagement and not ask the bosses to roll, we’ve lost the plot !

I’m ashamed to be a Collingwood supporter with this Treloar treatment it’s a stain side by side, what a joke

I’m so disgusted with CollingwoodFC’s actions and mismanagement of our players We pay Tom Phillips $ 500,000 a year for not playing the World Cup Finals but we’re trying to swap Adam Trailwar? What a stain

If this was Adelaide, you and your buddies shouted for handing over their license The Treloar treatment here was nothing short of a stigma!

The way Collingwood has handled Treloar is a disgrace I have finished my membership after over 20 years hoping he will win a Bulldog flag he could have had in Richmond

Collingwood’s 2020 top podium for years of PR disaster, Buckley / Sanderson playing tennis, Steel Sidebottom half-naked, Eddie’s hypocrisy, Eddie in a nightclub, De Joy accusing, Now Trailwar / Stevenson and the #AFL trade period they’ve been a #AFL stain

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley described seeing three of the top 22 players leave in bargains as his toughest day in football

Buckley, who lost two major finals as a Collingwood player and the other as coach, was smashed by the loss of the talented trio, as well as young Ato Bosnavolaghi who played three games

« Managing contract players who love the environment outside the club is a lost / lost situation in the short term. Decisions are not common but were necessary.

Former players Dane Swan and Dale Thomas were among those who criticized Collingwood on social media

I’d like to chat with some of his ex-schoolmates at the Ned Guys, just wondering how the lunch box swaps went. Would Mozy replace the wraps, donuts, little dolls and burger rings Sure #tradeweek # Trust process

Trilouar left for Western Bulldogs after 94 matches for Magpies since arriving at the club from Greater Sydney in 2015 to make two selections in the first round.

He was surprised by the decision to transfer him and contract with Collingwood until the end of the 2025 season

Hawks seized Phillips in the basement deal, with the Hawks relinquishing the choice of 65

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World News – CAF – Collingwood’s brutal wife’s claim after her split Anarchist about Adam Trailwar



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