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Special Report: Alicanto Minerals intersected with huge strings of high-quality copper sulfide during drilling at the large Falun copper and gold project in Sweden

The visible chalcopyrite copper injury occurred in the first hole drilled in the Alicanto Minerals (ASX: AQI Heden East) target inside the Great Falun Project.

The drill intersected 285 m of massive, professional-grade pyroxene filaments with bubble-like features of copper and pyrite, including 102 m of 5-10 percent sulfides, of 6995 m

Managing Director, Peter George, said, « This is a great result and means we hit the copper chalcopyrite in the first two targets that we drilled into Great Fallon in this current campaign. »

The drilling result is extremely important as it reveals the presence of high quality copper and provides further proof of concept in the company’s exploration strategy

“These visual elements justify the direction we have taken to focus on copper and gold strings hosted within the limestone,” said George.

Alicanto Minerals executives visited more than 2,000 historical outcrops and surface works in the Greater Fallon region in developing their exploration strategy, which now appears to be bearing fruit

“The Heden target is a classic example of footwear geology on the ground, combined with the ability to identify an active mineral system, and it highlights the enormous potential of the Greater Fallon Region”

The drilling program of the Heden Target is designed to explore a 3-kilometer-long trend of limestone layers up to 200 meters wide, with altered zoned garnet-pyroxene strands and associated chalcopyrite

The drilling rig will move 400 meters west from the most recent drilling in Greater Fallon, to the site of the copper and gold scaffold and the newly discovered magnetic anomaly

“The pieces of the puzzle come together nicely, and we now have the best possible indications to allow us to approach the near part of the copper and gold strings in Heden,” said George.

Alicanto Minerals is convinced that their Grand Falun project is a region-wide opportunity, with historic high-quality and large-scale production from the Fallon mine

The historic Fallon Mine produced 28 million tons with 4 percent copper, 4 percent per ton of gold, 5 percent zinc, 35 grams of silver and 2 percent of lead

The Greater Falun region is located in the Swedish Bergslagen region, hosting the Garbanberg mine in Bolleden and the Zinkgrovan mine in Lunden, with a world-class array of base minerals and precious metals projects

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World News – AU – Alicanto Minerals hit copper mineralization in Sweden – Stockhead
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