World news – Alex Smith’s wife, Elizabeth Smith, is the inspiration behind Washington QB



Alex Smith credits his wife, Elizabeth Smith, for playing a pivotal role in his remarkable recovery.

To say there were dark days in Alex Smith’s recovery is an understatement, but his wife, Elizabeth Smith, was there to encourage the quarterback regardless of the hurdles they faced. For fans who know Alex’s backstory, it’s hard to understand why the quarterback returned to the soccer field after not only nearly losing his leg but also putting his life in danger. Count Elizabeth among those who were slow to come to terms with why her husband wanted to put himself at risk again after 17 operations.

« I didn’t get it long either, » Elizabeth told the Washington Post. “It’s amazing to know how much such an injury can affect a person mentally, physically and emotionally so that Alex can overcome it and get back to the point where he can be greater than anything else. … People have to understand that Alex has goals and it only reflects the next and the next. « 

Alex’s goal was to play soccer again, but the Washington quarterback admitted that even he didn’t see himself as a starter on a playoff team. Now Alex is not only back on the field, but also three wins from the Super Bowl.

Before the Washington vs. Philadelphia season finale, Elizabeth took to Instagram to post a photo of a project she’d done for Alex, and Elizabeth hired an artist to make Alex’s leg support into a Lombardi Trophy replica to transform.

« Special thanks to @coldhardart for turning a symbol of difficult times into a trophy of triumph that we can proudly put on our shelves. ❤️❤️❤️ » said Elizabeth on Instagram. </ Washington eventually defeated Philadelphia to win NFC East and secure a place in the playoffs. During the same post, Elizabeth admitted she was a "nervous wreck" but praised everything Alex had achieved herself st when Washington missed the playoffs.

« I’m waiting for this game and I’m a nervous wreck, » remarked Elizabeth. “I look at our bookshelves to remember where we have been and how hard it is to get to that moment. Whatever the result, Alex has already won. He overcame the greatest challenge that life has given us. I am incredibly proud and will cheer loudly. Let’s go to Washington! « 

The couple are the proud parents of three children: Hudson, 9, Hayes, 7, and Sloane, 5. Alex credits Elizabeth not only for helping him recover, but for taking care of the household keeps going with three kids.

« She had three young children, a household, and a husband who needed hourly attention, » Alex told the San Francisco Chronicle. « I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself. I had to take medication every hour. She was a woman. A nurse. She invested more than anyone in this project. “

Earlier this season, Elizabeth and her three children were sitting in the stands during a rainy day of play when Alex was asked to lead the Washington offensive after the first starter sustained an injury. Elizabeth is grateful for getting the idea for Alex to play again, and now the quarterback is returning to the playoffs.

« It still seems surreal, » said Elizabeth that Alex was the starting quarterback according to the San Francisco Chronicle. « If you had told me this in April, I would have said you were crazy. »



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