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Three people, including two police officers, were injured in an accident involving a police car and two trucks.

It happened on the A1 at 11 o’clock. At 11pm on Wednesday morning in Colsterworth, near Grantham, when a police vehicle crashed with two trucks.

Two officers of the police car were taken to hospital with injuries, as was the driver of the second truck.

The road was closed in both directions in the early afternoon, but the A1 northbound has since been reopened.

The road to the south is likely to be closed for some time and police are asking people to plan alternative routes outside of the incident.

A Lincolnshire Police Department spokesman said: “We appreciate the patience of those affected and ask that you avoid the area if you are able. ”

A new cyclist fundraiser has been launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the last surviving original member of the 1943 Dambusters raid (Operation Chastise). .

Squadron Leader George Johnny Johnson, who died on Wednesday, Jan.. November, 99 years old, grew up in Lincolnshire and now lives in Bristol.

He was part of the Dambusters, who were members of the 617 squadron of the RAF and who specially gathered in March 1943 to bomb three dams in the German Ruhr area.

At the raid on the night of Jan.. on the 17th. May 133 crew members took part, who flew 19 specially adapted Lancaster bombers.

The Dambusters Ride was sponsored by the RAF Benevolent Fund, the Royal Air Force’s premier charity, at Johnnys 99. Birthday launched. The event will take place on 15. May 2021 at Johnny’s 100. Year to celebrate.

Fundraisers can take part in a 100-mile or 56-mile bike ride that starts and ends at the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa, home of the 617 Squadron. Sign up here for a fee of £ 35 for the physical ride £ 25 for the virtual ride.

The route will cover RAF Scampton, RAF College Cranwell and Highfields School in Newark, where Johnny was a teacher after leaving the Royal Air Force.

Participants can also choose to take part in the Dambusters Ride virtually and register to take part in one of the two challenges on March 15. and 16. May 2021 at a different location in the country.

Johnny said, “I’m grateful that I never needed the support of the RAF Benevolent Fund, but I always knew they were there for those who are less fortunate than me. It was an honor to hear that The Dambusters Ride was launched on my birthday – what a birthday surprise!

“This event will not only raise vital funds in support of RAF personnel past and present, but also pay tribute to the brave men of the bomber command who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Dambusters raid and throughout World War II. Their loss must never be forgotten and I hope that through this event a new generation will learn about the cost of the freedom they enjoy today.

« The RAF Benevolent Fund is doing an incredible job of supporting RAF veterans and serving staff, and I want to thank everyone who signs up for this bike tour. ”

Happy 99th birthday. Birthday of the last surviving British « Dam Buster », squadron leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson ❤️ pic. Twitter. com / AhqS6mtcLE

Chris Elliot, Controller at the RAF Benevolent Fund, said: “Johnny has shown real heroism in his time with 617 Squadron. So there is no better way to celebrate its 100th anniversary than to start a new fundraiser that supports other RAF veterans and staff.

“Operation Chastise was an important part of the history of the RAF. I hope the Dambusters Ride not only raises much-needed funds, but also encourages younger generations to learn more about the 617 Squadron and their brave sacrifice all those years ago. ”

North Lincolnshire Councilors with the new litter signage on Bottesford Beck. | Photo: North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council has introduced new fines for litter and dog fouling in Scunthorpe. First time offenses are now fined £ 150.

It is a message of zero tolerance for environmental crimes aimed at reducing litter and dog fouling in the area.

The council currently spends nearly £ 1 million in taxpayers’ money every year to clean up trash and other environmental crimes.

The new campaign aims to encourage people to put their trash in one of the 3. 000 rubbish bins in North Lincolnshire properly.

Slogans and puns on posters in the area are used to grab attention, including « We don’t play around », « No ifs, ors, or buts » and « Show a toss of respect ». .

Cllr Rob Waltham, chairman of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We are taking an even tougher stance on environmental crime.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for those people who throw rubbish on the ground for others to collect.

“Residents have expressed growing concerns about litter and this new campaign is a real statement of intent. It is unacceptable to throw away trash and not clean up after your dog has been tolerated in our communities.

“Garbage is an epidemic and dog fouling is a health risk that can cause serious infections, especially in young people, and have a variety of unpleasant side effects.

The police are investigating the theft of a cell phone from a supermarket in Spalding and want to speak to the man in the picture.

On 15. November around 11 a.m. a Samsung S4 was left in the Lidl store on Holbeach Road in Spalding.

It has since been reported stolen and the police believe the man in the pictures can help with the investigation.

If you know who this person is, or can help identify them, contact the officials by calling 101 and reporting Incident 88, dated Nov.. November quote.

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] and report Incident 88 of Sept.. Use November in the subject field.

A1, Colsterworth, Grantham, Lincolnshire

World news – GB – Two police officers injured in A1 accident involving two trucks

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