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AFL clubs can now move two players directly from the senior list to the rookie list without going through a drafting process

CLUBS are getting additional flexibility in building their 2021 lists after the AFL announced a bonus in a last minute memo on Tuesday evening.

Each club is allowed to move two players directly from the senior to the rookie list for the next season after new list restrictions and a nine percent reduction in the salary cap were confirmed last week.

It is a change clubs called for on Monday to telephone connections with the AFL that will help them manage their salary caps during a difficult time.

As in previous seasons, 80. $ 000 from any standard rookie contract outside of the salary cap. Up to six standard rookies are allowed for each club over the next year.

The maximum list size has dropped from 47 to 44 in the next season, including two category B newbies who are now eligible to play under the revised collective agreement.

Previously, Category B newbies had to be updated to be selected to play AFL.

The minimum list size for 2021 is 37, which requires a minimum of 36 high-ranking listed players.

To reach the maximum of 44 players, clubs can promote between 36 and 38 high-ranking listed players and four to six newcomers to Category A and the two newcomers to Category B..

Most clubs are expected to use up to six Category A rookies to offset money with their salary cap.

The first list submission for each club is due on Wednesday. The first DFA (Delisted Free Agency) window runs Thursday through Sunday.

Players delisted by Wednesday may still be put on a different senior list if given the opportunity by a rival in the DFA window.

The players who are newly filled by their existing clubs, however, will be in the second DFA period from 1. up to 2. December confirmed as newbies so they don’t have to go through the NAB AFL Rookie Draft.

For example, Carlton non-contract midfielder Matt Kennedy was struck off the senior list earlier this month with promises to be re-cast by the Blues next season.

Kennedy can be picked up by a club other than DFA from Thursday.

According to the new rule, however, from the 1st. Be confirmed as a rookie for the Blues on December 10th. December will not be included in the Rookie Draft.

Some players who have contracts for 2021 have been removed from the senior list to be put on the rookie list if they are not classified as DFA, such as Dylan Clarke of Essendon.

A player like Clarke will continue to receive the contractually agreed amount that he owed in 2021. The only difference is that 80. $ 000 of the contract is outside the salary cap.

Clarke is following the same path as Archie Smith of Brisbane and Boyd Woodcock of Port Adelaide, who moved from the senior to the rookie list in late 2019 despite being signed for 2020.

Players completely eliminated from the clubs for 2021 have not changed their net worth, even if the new rule had been announced before Tuesday night.

This is because the number of rookie spots hasn’t changed and Kennedy and Gleeson would have gone the same route without waiting.

Wednesday 25. November – List of Accommodation 1 – Eligible Father / Son Draft Nomination – Eligible Player Draft Nomination of Northern & NGA Academy – Thursday, November 26th. November – AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (1) Start Sunday 29. November AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (1) ends Monday, November 30th. November. List Lodgement 2- Out of Contract Listed AFL Primary List Players Draft nomination form and player’s request to remove it from the list form submitted to AFL – End Date for Primary List Delistings Tuesday, December 1- AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (2) Start Wednesday 2. December AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period (2) Closes Thursday, December 3. December AFL Trade Period Closes – Selection Only- Delisted Primary List Draft Nomination Form Accommodation – Not Retained Rookie Players Draft Nomination Form Submission – Final Draft Nomination Form Submission – AFL Father-Son Nominations Submitted to AFL Wednesday, Dec.. December at 7 p.m. AEDT-NAB AFL Draft

AFL clubs are now allowed to add two players directly from the senior list . . .


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AFL clubs are now allowed to add two players directly from the senior list . . .


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