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Posted: 01:32 GMT, Jan.. November 2020 | Updated: 02:01 GMT, Jan.. November 2020

Jurors were unable to pass judgment after two days of deliberation in the rape trial against NRL star Jack de Belin.

The 29-year-old NRL star and his co-defendant Callan Sinclair, 23, are accused of having sex in the early hours of Jan.. Raping a then 19-year-old woman in a unit in North Wollongong on December 23, 2018.

Both have pleaded not guilty in five cases of aggravated sexual assault and argued that the sex was consensual.

After roughly six hours of deliberation, the Wollongong District Court jury returned a message to Judge Andrew Haesler around noon on Monday.

« Despite careful examination of all available evidence, we were unable to reach a unanimous decision, » Judge Haesler read to the court.

NRL star Jack de Belin (left) arrives at Wollongong District Court on Monday morning to hear the jury’s verdict after two days of deliberation.

« I will urge you to return to the elements, return to the evidence, return to the points that separate you as a jury, » he said.

‘Consider the evidence calmly and rationally . . . about the legal points that have been explained to you and the things that separate you. ‘

As the judge read his instructions, both men in the dock shook their heads while de Belin stared at the floor.

Since the start of the trial on 3. On November 23, allegations were made that the 19-year-old woman was assaulted after leaving a bedroom in a unit rented by de Belin’s cousin.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the jury that the men ignored her protests and raped her when she cried and just « let it happen ». .

Co-defendant Callan Sinclair clutched a bottle of water and showed no emotion when he arrived at Wollongong District Court on Monday.

The men who both tried to testify said the woman agreed, said « yes » and seemed to be enjoying the threesome.

De Belin had cheated on his longtime partner when he got involved in the threesome, his lawyer told the court.

‘What happened cannot be commended, but certainly not . . . involve criminal conduct by Mr de Belin or Mr Sinclair, de Belin’s attorney David Campbell SC concluded.

Judge Haesler has informed the jury that there is no magical time it takes for a juror to reach a verdict.

Jack de Belin has not played in the NRL since he was charged with alleged rape almost two years ago. He is pictured in action for the NSW Blues in 2018

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World News – AU – Jury cannot deliver a verdict in the rape trial against Jack de Belin
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