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Animal advocates spent two days removing more than 100 rabbits from dire conditions in a Perth home after they overwhelmed the couple they belonged to in a population explosion.

The RSPCA said the animals, including many babies, were stacked in cages, boxes, bird cages and laundry baskets on the property in the northern suburbs.

Their owners, unable to care for the sheer numbers of rabbits, agreed to hand them over to the animal welfare group who could attend to their urgent medical needs.

In collaboration with SAFE Perth, Romeo’s Rabbit Rescue and Saving Thumpers, everyone was placed in improved living conditions. There are currently 69 in the RPSCA’s Malaga Animal Care Center.

While the fluffy pets are now better taken care of, Hannah Dreaver, animal and enforcement officer at RSPCA WA said they now need funding to help them turn 30. $ 000 to cover the cost of proper maintenance over the coming months.

« It’s going to cost a lot of money in a very short time, » she said.

« Now we’re starting to have each vet screened for problems like ringworm, treat those who need it, and of course sterilize, microchip, vaccinate and house each one.

« It all costs, and it is likely that many of the rabbits are pregnant so we will need to feed more mouths and perform medical procedures.

« Overall, we estimate that the 69 rabbits will be with us for an average of three months and the total costs for staff and care around 30. Will be $ 000. « 

The RSPCA was announced after a member of the public went home to buy a rabbit they came across in an ad.

« This is a timely warning to rabbit owners to have their pets neutered, » said Ms. Dreaver.

« Many people see rabbits as easy to care for, put and forget about pets. They are not, they need care and attention. ”

Rabbits, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

World News – AU – Cage rabbits rescued from misery
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