Weltnachrichten – AU – AMD will continue to sell reference design Big Navi cards indefinitely


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AMD has officially changed its mind and promises to continue selling its RX 6000 reference design series cards indefinitely, according to a new tweet from Scott Herkelman, vice president of AMD Graphics.

We just officially expanded the reference design builds indefinitely due to popular demand. Thanks for the feedback. 9. December 2020

On 19. On November 11th, Herkelman tweeted that AMD’s reference design cards for Big Navi, as Team Red calls its internal Founders Edition counterparts, would not be sold until early 2021. This was in line with the company’s earlier GPU versions, where AMD withdrew its reference design cards as soon as enough custom cards were on the market. In a tweet dated Jan.. However, on December 22nd, Herkelman said the company had reversed that decision.

In response to a fan who cited water blocks built for the RX 6000 series reference designs and asked why they were no longer being sold, Herkelman said that the reference design cards are now “indefinitely due to popular demand would be sold. ”

We do not know for sure whether this is due to a positive reception for the RX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT or to the currently low availability of the reference card designs for these GPUs. However, AMD fans – especially those specifically designed for reference card design – can rest assured that there is no rush to get their hands on AMD’s internal GPUs.

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World News – AU – AMD will continue to sell reference design Big Navi cards indefinitely
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