Temtem Showdown est une nouvelle version gratuite du jeu de collection de créatures, sans la collecte de créatures.


Temtem Showdown, a free standalone release of the popular MMORPG Temtem, has been launched. The game mode, called Showdown, allows players to jump straight into the game’s 2v2 turn-based battles without the need to engage in quests or creature-catching. Temtem Showdown is a free download and does not require a copy of the base game to play. Players can build their dream team of six Temtems and customise their SVs, TVs, and movesets without the need to level up. The game also features ranked battles against other online battlers and new Seasons every couple of months.

While Temtem Showdown strips out much of what fans love about the series, such as the experience of finding, catching, connecting to, and growing with a pocket of colourful creatures, its willingness to part with those elements might just be a sign of confidence in its combat system. The strategy is to hook newbies in with this free offering, thus encouraging them to step into the full MMO. The base Temtem game is available for purchase on Steam for £40/$45/€45, while Temtem Showdown is a completely free download.

According to our Temtem 1.0 review, « Temtem is a treat for Pokemon fans on PC, innovating on the formula in meaningful ways while staying close to its roots. » The game has only become more like Nintendo’s behemoth with additions such as an official Nuzlocke mode. Temtem Showdown’s release is expected to attract new players to the game and encourage them to try the full MMO.

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