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Overwatch 2 Developer Reveals Tracer Change

Overwatch 2 is known for its buffs and nerfs, which are usually quantifiable changes to numbers or mechanics. However, some nerfs come in the form of small changes to the way characters function. Recently, an Overwatch 2 developer revealed a major « quality of life » change to Tracer’s VFX on her dash. While it is just a visual change, it may be divisive amongst players.

Tracer’s VFX Change

Tracer is known for her high mobility, which keeps her alive despite having the smallest health pool in the game. However, her mobility also makes it difficult for opponents to hit her. The Overwatch devs noticed this and made a change to Tracer’s VFX to create a clear, distinct trail that shows exactly where she’s travelling. This change will make it easier for players to track her at close ranges, where she was almost impossible to trace before.

This change is a nerf to Tracer, but it could have a big impact in matches. Players will still need to turn quickly and keep their aim trained on Tracer, but they will now have a much better idea of where she’s headed. This change is a small tweak to the way Tracer functions, but it could make a big difference in gameplay.


Overall, the Tracer VFX change is a small but significant tweak to the game. It shows that the Overwatch devs are paying attention to player feedback and making changes to improve gameplay. While some players may find the change divisive, it will ultimately make the game more balanced and fair for all players.

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