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Lionel Messi crée une « vague déferlante » pour la MLS : Directeur sportif d’Inter Miami | MLSSoccer.com

There are just a few days left in MLS's summer transfer window, and as many times as he swipes them clear, the message notifications on Chris Henderson’s smartphone are relentless and insistent.

Inter Miami CF’s Summer Transfer Window: A Frenetic Race to Build a Superclub

With just a few days left in MLS’s summer transfer window, Inter Miami CF’s chief soccer officer and sporting director, Chris Henderson, finds himself inundated with messages and phone calls. The arrival of Lionel Messi has catapulted the last-place team into « superclub » territory, intensifying the already frenetic nature of this time of year for CSOs across the league. Henderson and his team have been working tirelessly to strengthen the squad, signing high-profile players like Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and Diego Gómez, as well as young talents like Facundo Farías. However, the challenge lies in balancing the club’s ambitions with the financial constraints and competition for top players.

The Cost of Doing Business: Balancing Ambitions and Financial Realities

Inter Miami CF’s newfound status as the home of Messi has undoubtedly attracted interest from players wanting to join the team. However, Henderson acknowledges that while the club may have the allure of playing alongside Messi, there are financial limitations to consider. The team has had to navigate the complexities of valuing players, predicting market moves, and adhering to league regulations. Timing is crucial in making moves that will improve the team, and Henderson and his team have been working tirelessly to ensure they make the right decisions.

Chris Henderson: The Quiet Worker Behind Inter Miami CF’s Transformation

While the spotlight may be on Messi and other high-profile figures at Inter Miami CF, Chris Henderson operates behind the scenes as the quiet worker. With his extensive experience in MLS and knowledge of the league’s inner workings, Henderson has been instrumental in reshaping the team’s roster. He and his team have had to overcome challenges, such as rebuilding a struggling squad while facing sanctions for club violations in their debut season. Henderson’s focus is on building a sustainable team that can compete for trophies, and he believes that the addition of Messi and other key players is a step in the right direction.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities for Inter Miami CF

As Inter Miami CF strives to climb the league standings and secure a playoff spot, they face a grueling schedule and the pressure to perform. However, Henderson remains optimistic about the team’s prospects. The presence of Messi and other talented players has elevated the level of the entire squad, and the team’s young players have gained valuable experience. Despite the challenges, Henderson sees a consistent contender taking shape and believes that Inter Miami CF has the potential to win trophies. With a focus on one game at a time and a strong team dynamic, the future looks promising for the pink and black.

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