Le premier grand moment de Kevin Durant chez les Suns arrive lors du match 6.


Kevin Durant Struggles in Western Conference Semis

The Phoenix Suns are facing the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 at Footprint Center, and this year is different for them. They went all out this year, and the hindsight future results will provide shouldn’t change that. However, the outcome that no one expected for how the trade for Kevin Durant could potentially go wrong is already materializing and taking shape in these Western Conference semis. Durant has not been as advertised in the beginning and arguably most important stretch of his stay in the Valley.

Durant got welcomed to the postseason by a bunch of physical Clipper guards who resemble fire hydrants, and more often than not, his offensive involvement looked more like him trying to score as opposed to him trying to score within the flow of the offense. That has just as much to do with his teammates and coaches as it does with him playing for a team that is partially broken and misconstructed (due to the giant midseason trade).

Head coach Monty Williams said after Game 3 that it’s coming. « Kev is still finding his way and his rhythm, » Williams said. « He had 39, and if you look at the numbers, that’s not a typical Kevin Durant efficient game, and so we still have that to look forward to, I believe. »

Devin Booker Needs the Slim Reaper

Game 5 of Suns-Nuggets showed how Deandre Ayton can be taken physically out of the Suns’ defense. And later, he was mentally eliminated. It was the same old story for the Phoenix Suns in Denver, and now they face elimination after dropping Game 5. Devin Booker has to get the same Durant he grew up watching, the player’s highlights he had on a loop before the NBA was even in the conversation for him. For all the intricacies this series has that we’ve rambled about in this space for two-plus weeks, that’s all this game is going to come down to.

If we see the Slim Reaper, it’s more about how any team could beat Phoenix with him and Booker as top-five players, whether that’s this postseason or the next one. If we don’t, it’s a summer of wondering if we had a moment where we thought we were dreaming and we’re going to wake right back up to Booker trying to run the whole damn show again. As much as we want to gag every time we hear Durant’s name attached to the word « legacy » from far too loud people on television, the moment has arrived. His first in Phoenix that will play a role in determining his legacy as a Sun.

In conclusion, Kevin Durant’s struggles in the Western Conference semis have been a cause for concern for the Phoenix Suns. Devin Booker needs the Slim Reaper to show up if they want to beat the Denver Nuggets and advance to the next round. The Suns’ offense had its gears spinning all night in Game 4 against the Denver Nuggets and hit a new high, but they need Durant to step up if they want to win. Cam Payne replacing Chris Paul and Terrence Ross and T.J. Warren entering the Phoenix Suns’ rotation will challenge the Denver Nuggets.

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