Yan Gomes des Cubs : absent vendredi


Cubs’ Gomes Takes a Seat as Barnhart Steps Up to the Plate

The Chicago Cubs have made a change in their lineup, with catcher Yan Gomes taking a seat after a recent series with the Mets. Gomes went 2-for-8 with an RBI and a run scored during the three-game series, leading the Cubs to bring in Tucker Barnhart as his replacement. Barnhart will take over at catcher and bat ninth in the series opener with Cincinnati.

This move comes as the Cubs look to improve their performance on the field and secure more wins. Gomes has been a solid player for the team, but with his recent struggles, the Cubs are hoping that Barnhart can bring a fresh perspective and help turn things around.

Looking Ahead for the Cubs

As the Cubs move forward with Barnhart as their starting catcher, fans are eager to see how the team will perform in upcoming games. With a strong lineup and talented players, the Cubs have the potential to make a comeback and secure a spot in the playoffs.

However, they will need to work hard and stay focused in order to achieve their goals. With the support of their fans and the guidance of their coaches, the Cubs are poised to make a strong showing in the coming weeks.

Key Takeaways

– Yan Gomes has been replaced by Tucker Barnhart as the Cubs’ starting catcher
– The Cubs are hoping that this change will help improve their performance on the field
– Fans are eager to see how the team will perform in upcoming games and whether they can secure a spot in the playoffs

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