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The trailer for the final season of Younger puts Liza and Charles’ happy ending in jeopardy

Younger spin-off with Hilary Duff in development

Younger fans have waited 19 months for Liza to answer Charles’ suggestion, and with the first four episodes of the seventh (and final!) season of the series landing on Paramount and Hulu this Thursday, the wait is finally over . Kind of.

« Liza doesn’t answer Charles right away, » admits Sutton Foster to TVLine, adding, « They are in love, but they might want other things. Liza and Charles have different ideas about marriage, and that will cause some complications. « 

Peter Hermann adds: » It always gets complicated. These are two people who are figuring out what role they will play in each other’s life and how they will negotiate about it. There is an infinite amount of pull on each other but there is also a lot that keeps them apart. That hasn’t changed. We watch how they manage it, sometimes elegantly and sometimes very badly. « 

While Liza and Charles find out where they are In the final season of Younger, new parents Josh and Clare (Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor) found themselves in a much more stable (if much less romantic) situation.

« Josh and Clare have a really cool thing, » says Nico Tortorella on raising baby Gemma together. “The easy way to tell this story on TV is to make it difficult, fill it with drama, and make it difficult for both characters. But that never happens with Josh and Clare. It was just very easy. Maybe that has to do with Phoebe’s schedule – it’s a bit busier than when this show started – but it’s sure to be an important relationship to show on TV. « 

On the business side, we’re going to see a lot less Diana at Empirical this season – as TVLine previously reported, Miriam Shor and Charles Michael Davis (aka Zane) aren’t regulars any more – but neither are their offices yet her iconic collection of statement jewelry remains unused.

« Lauren may have been asked to be the keeper of Diana’s office and she’s just trying to live up to that question, » teases Molly Bernard. « You’re with Manolos Huge ass to fill. Lots of weight lifting and neck training have prepared for it. « 

And lest you believe that the coronavirus pandemic has stopped Younger from mixing the signature mix of drama and hijinx, there is series creator Darren Star replied: « We were able to do the show exactly how we wanted, which is surprising. I was surprised at how much we could achieve in terms of production technology, even though we had jumped through a lot of tires for it en. There was nothing we had to sacrifice for what we could shoot for the pandemic. It just took a long time. “

Regardless of how last season goes, Foster assures fans that they will not be disappointed in the end.

 » I had no idea how they were going to end it, but when I read the ending, I felt incredibly satisfied and realized, « Oh, there was no other way it could have ended, » she says. « I mean, I think it could have ended in a million ways, but the way they ended it, I [gasped] and realized it was the perfect ending. « 

On the other hand, it may be too early to toss words like » end « around. » Who knows what’s going to happen to the future of television? « Tortorella recalls us. « Movies, a restart, a miniseries – the world of television is our oyster. » Regarding the possibility of a 10 year reunion down the line, they say, « F – k 10 years, give me five. I’m fine go. « 

In our cast interview below, click PLAY to find out what was all stolen from the set en (or « shopped »), then leave a comment with your hopes for the final season of Younger.


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